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That’s a bit rich! World’s most expensive coffee is on sale in Sydney – but is it worth $55 a cup?

Would you pay $55 for an essence of the world’s most costly espresso?

Provided that this is true, an opportunity to test it is going to Sydney’s northern shorelines this week.

The mix, called Esmeralda Geisha Canas Verdes Common, was purchased at closeout by Jason Kew, of the Sydney Espresso Business, for $601 per pound.

Mr Kew purchased every one of the 100 pounds of the espresso on offer by barely outbidding a Japanese adversary by just $1 – beating the past world record of $350 per pound.

Subsequent to offering 40 pounds to the man he outbid, Mr Kew told the Masculine Day by day he ‘needed to impart it to espresso sweethearts.’

So he’s collaborated with Sharon Jan, from Seven Miles Espresso Roasters, to have a tasting – called the 601 Experience – at the store in Masculine Vale.

It’s charged online as a ‘get-together of energetic espresso experts cheerful to volunteer their chance and aptitudes keeping in mind the end goal to do this unfathomable espresso equity.’

The $55 ticket cost will offer passage to two individuals from 5pm on Friday – however only one 15g serve of the espresso, which was cooked by Sam Cora from ONA Espresso.

An extra 15g can be purchased for $45.

On the night, espresso darlings can meet ‘champion brewers’ who will mix the espresso as indicated by their favored strategy.

They can likewise blend their 15g out of a DIY territory utilizing hardware accessible or bring their own particular or mug the espresso with the assistance of an accomplished cupper.

‘Only one kilo is $2,000,’ Ms Jan included.

‘At the point when Jason said he needed to share it, I just idea I must help him.’

On the Eventbrite page offering tickets for the tasting, the cost is advocated by the coordinators.

‘Lamentably, there are unavoidable charges brought about in bringing this espresso into the nation,’ it says.

‘Obligatory charges are cargo, protection (omg astronomical!!!), 2x traditions charges, occasion ticketing expenses and accuses of Mastercard charges, and great old GST!

‘Your ticket cost goes toward paying for the occasion, where everybody included are volunteers who look forward imparting this experience to you.’

Isa Urosal

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