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What rain? Adorable video shows a dog using a pair of wiper glasses to protect its eyes from the drizzle

What better approach to beat a blustery Sunday that with splendidly furnished head adapt?

A charming pooch in Suffolk, Virginia was absolutely unbothered by a touch of shower because of the assistance of his proprietor.

A video of a pooch placidly sitting through light rain with the assistance of a couple of mechanized wiper glasses was shared to RM Recordings’ YouTube page on Monday.

The canine was superbly content sitting on a wooden deck while a couple of raindrops could be seen gathering on his defensive eye wear.

The videographer came in for a closeup as the sprinkles continue descending.

The unfathomably getting fuzzy animal additionally hindered the dots of water with a green cap on his head, highlighting a dark star logo in a yellow circle.

The pup for the most part stays there as the video is taken, yet toward the end lets out a little lick of his nose in lovable puppy design.

Clearly the glasses were intended for human utilize, yet fortunately for this canine they additionally fit his mug.

The glasses, called i Wipers, are accessible online through Amazon, extending in cost from $12.00 to $18.00.

Isa Urosal

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