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Malaysia Airlines hijacker was carrying a ‘huge metallic object with two antennas coming out of it’ – before being stopped by hero passengers including a former footy star

Travelers on load up a Melbourne flight “commandeered” by a man guaranteeing to have a bomb have depicted the gallant minute two youthful Australian men handled the “insane person” Sri Lankan national to the floor and hogtied him until the point when uncommon operations police arrived.

Previous AFL star Andrew Leoncelli was ready the Malaysia Aircraft flight MH128, flying out to Kualu Lumpur, when the man debilitated to ‘blow the f***ing plane up’.

Mr Leoncelli, who was sitting four columns from the front of the plane in business class, said he stood up to the man who was holding an ‘immense, metallic protest with two reception apparatuses’.

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‘I could hear this simpleton saying he needed to go in and see the pilot,’ the ex-Melbourne FC Evil spirits player disclosed to 3AW radio.

‘Staff were stating “Sit down, sit down” and he stated: “No, I’m not going to take a seat, will explode the plane”.’

‘I stated, “Mate, what are you effing doing?” And he stated, “will blow the f***ing plane up”. What’s more, I was going, “Gracious my god, he’s f***ing crazy”.

‘In this way, I moved toward him and he kept running down the side and afterward he wound up going down the back of the plane.

‘And afterward two chaps got him and incapacitated him and bashed the poo out of him and put hogties on him.

‘(They) essentially stuck his head into the cover and put the limitations things on him and after that sat on him,’ he told the ABC.

Mr Leoncelli said the man, who was tall and had dim skin, was holding a ‘tremendous, metallic, bizarre’ question the span of a watermelon with two short recieving wires.

‘It was enormous, it was dark and it had two dark recieving wires getting over it, however it likewise resembled an iPhone jack. So it could have been only a beat box thing,’ he said.

‘I don’t know whether that was a speaker framework or not but rather there’s no possibility he got this on the plane without taking it through security, since this was the span of a mammoth knocking down some pins ball.’

Victoria Police later affirmed that the man, a 25-year-old from Dandenong, had a background marked by emotional well-being and did not have a hazardous gadget.

He was captured in the wake of addressing from Australian Government and Victorian Police.

‘It’s very chivalrous for the travelers and group to control this person,’├é┬áSuperintendent Tony Langdon said.

The Malaysian Government guaranteed the suspicious protest the man was holding was likely a powerbank used to charge cell phones.

‘It is trusted that the suspect is a Sri Lankan national, and that he was tipsy,’ Malaysia’s Agent Transport Clergyman Datuk Seri Aziz Abdominal muscle Kaprawi disclosed to The Star.

Subsequent to making a crisis finding the plane sat on the landing area with travelers still on load up for over two hours.

The 300-odd travelers on load up the global flight will allegedly be met by police before they are discharged.

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