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‘Strong as an ox but dumb as a sack of hammers’: Builder faces backlash after climbing a flimsy ladder with a huge metal girder balanced on his shoulder

Three workers had their hearts in their mouths when their careless partner climbed a stepping stool with a substantial metal brace adjusted on his shoulder.

The developers, who were chipping away at the top of a two-story property in London, looked on with dismay as their thrill seeker collaborator scaled the stepping stool.

In a video shared to Live Leak yesterday, the step can be seen clasping under the weight of the monstrous weight.

Numerous online pundits have censured the man’s activities as rash, saying it would have been anything but difficult to winch the support up between three specialists rather than the developer taking a chance with his life trying to carry out the occupation all alone.

The clasp starts with the developer, who was amusingly wearing a high-vis wellbeing coat, utilizing a skip as a guide to enable him to pull the metal brace onto his correct shoulder.

He at that point gradually started to scale an old, rusted and shaky looking step.

At the point when an associate in a dark hooded jumper looked down from the rooftop and acknowledged what was occurring, he attempted to deter the strongman from his predicament.

He stated:  ‘You can’t do that all alone. Will hurt yourself. Try not to be inept.’

Be that as it may, the developer kept on climbing the stepping stool and the two associates on the rooftop soon ended up plainly edgy.

The roofer in the dim jumper stated:  ‘You’re f****** insane. Will wind up f****** harming yourself.’

The cameraman, who was recording the scene from a protected separation on ground level, abruptly appeared to understand the reality of the circumstance and encouraged the men on the rooftop to hold the step set up as it wobbled unstably.

As the thrill seeker achieved the eighth rung of the step, the man on the rooftop’s manner of speaking changed from doubting to panicked.

He rehashed: ‘You’re going to f****** harmed yourself mate.’

Regardless of whether through fortunes or expertise, the double achieved the eleventh rung without the stepping stool breaking, and his petrified associates were able to help pull the support off him and onto the rooftop.

One Live Break watcher said: ‘[He] could have effectively lifted that with three folks and a few straps.

‘No compelling reason to hazard it the way he did. Particularly with that shaky stepping stool.’

Another stated: ‘Solid as a bull yet moronic as a sack of sledges.’

A third watcher included: ‘At any rate get this man a step that isn’t made [with] spaghetti noodles.’

Isa Urosal

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