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Moment a woman dressed only in her underwear is arrested after ‘carjacking a vehicle and then smashing it into a Walmart’

This is the minute a lady in her clothing was captured in the wake of smashing a stolen auto into the side of a Walmart.

Sharnett Barton, 30, was captured on Monday in Orange City, Florida, and confronts charges of robbery carjacking without a gun, opposing an officer, and leaving the scene of a crash.

The unusual case unfurled around 5pm on Monday, when a companion said Barton approached his home asserting individuals needed to kill her, before stripping down to her clothing and bouncing out of his window.

‘I never observed her demonstration like that. I promptly begun to call 911,’ the companion, who declined to be recognized, told WESH.

The witness says Barton moved toward two unique vehicles on the roadway trying to carjack the drivers through savage compel.

She was fruitful in taking the second vehicle, as per police.

The stolen auto tore fiercely down the roadway on a 12 mile adventure, sideswiping no less than two vehicles and making $7,000 in harm them, police said.

One lady whose auto was hit called 911: ‘(She) blew the side of my auto out and pulled in here like an insane individual.’

‘I’m staying here directly behind her auto. She only busted into the front of the Walmart,’ the guest said.

Barton at that point clearly bounced out of the auto, which struck a monitor post before the store, and dashed inside the Walmart wearing just her bra and underwear.

The police body camera video indicates Barton rising up out of the store wrapped in a sweeping, which rapidly tumbles off.

At the point when police attempt capture her, Barton dallies in agreeing to them.

‘I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant,’ she shouts at the officer endeavoring to cuff her.

‘Face the divider or will put you on it, pregnant or not’ the officer answers.

Barton seems to go limp and declines to run with the officers.

It in the end took a few officers and fire fighters to control her and place her in the back of a squad car.

Isa Urosal

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