We want a Cabinet minister for unions, says Red Ed’s crony Red Len: Demand among list Unite has drawn up for Labour in exchange for bankrolling general election campaign

The union bankrolling Labour’s general race battle needs a new Service of Work to speak to the interests of exchange unionists in the event that Ed Miliband gets into Bringing down Street.
Unite is in talks with the party about making a capable division headed by a secretary of state, whose part would be ‘batting for 30million working people’, a senior union figure has revealed.
In mystery chronicles passed to the Day by day Mail, Steve Turner said Join together would too press for the annul of exchange union laws counting the run the show that unions can as it were call strikes after holding a postal ballot.
His comments will stack further weight on the Work pioneer to separate himself from Unite.
On Monday, its general secretary, ‘Red’ Len McCluskey, told Mr Miliband to ‘bring home the bacon’ for union individuals as Join together swore to give up to £12million to Labour’s race battle on top of the £12million given to the party since 2010.
But in return the union is drawing up a list of requests for an approaching Work government – counting higher taxes, spending increases, an end to ‘austerity’ what’s more, a dumping of all anti-union laws passed in the 1980s what’s more, 1990s. 
Mr Turner, Unite’s colleague general secretary, uncovered that the union was too in talks with Work about new powers for exchange union agents inside private companies. 
Speaking at a periphery occasion at Unite’s strategy meeting in Liverpool, he said: ‘[There are] a entirety have of exchange union opportunities we’re looking to secure from an approaching Work administration, regardless of whether that’s inner administration inside the union, or, then again of course the right to strike what’s more, the right to ticket our individuals outside of postal ballots. You require corporate administration and… a genuine say at work.
‘Corporate administration what’s more, a secretary of state for a Service of Labour. You’ve got to have somebody at the table batting for 30million working people. What’s more, that’s a key principal component of any… new bargain we need to secure inside our party.’
Mr Turner said the spread of riches in society was ‘obscene’.
He said: ‘Oxfam put in a report… on worldwide riches inequality. There are 85 individuals who have a consolidated riches on this planet proportional to the poorest 50 per penny on this planet. 
‘I was charged of [wanting to] put them all on a London transport what’s more, needing to slaughter them at the point when I was talking in the House of Lodge recently. 

‘Of course that wasn’t the objective, on the off chance that I was going to do that I would utilize a prepare carriage. You can’t get enough individuals on a bus.’ 
Tory MP Henry Smith said: ‘Weak Ed Miliband is presently so profound in the union barons’ pockets he can scarcely look out.
‘In return for millions more in cash, Labour’s union paymasters are presently indeed purchasing future Bureau ministers.’
A Work Party representative said: ‘Unite’s work is to stand up for its members. The Work Party’s work is to put forward the right approaches for the country.’

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