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‘No one will believe me’: Chilling first words of Josef Fritzl’s daughter who was held prisoner for 24 years by her evil father who raped her 3,000 times

The awful first expressions of the lady held hostage by Josef Fritzl for a long time have been uncovered as ‘nobody will trust me’.

Elisabeth Fritzl was met by police boss Willibald Reitner not long after she was liberated from the grip of her abhorrent father, who assaulted her 3,000 amid her imprisonment.

Mr Reitner has talked about the terrible case without precedent for a meeting for a Channel 5 narrative.

He uncovered that amid discussions about her dad, Elisabeth, now 52, declined to allude to Josef by his name, essentially saying ‘him’.

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The head of criminal examination in Amstetten, Austria included: ‘Elisabeth didn’t state anything. She stated: ‘Nobody will trust me at any rate’.

‘At that point we changed our tack and we told [her] “well, perhaps you are the victim?2 All of a sudden Elisabeth had an alternate articulation about her.

‘After that she stated, “In the event that I tell this precisely how everything happened, nobody will ever trust me”.

‘At that point Elisabeth put down a few conditions, she would not like to see him again – she implied Fritzl. She never talked about Fritzl, or her dad, she generally alluded to him as ‘him’.

‘What’s more, she was truly apprehensive that nobody would trust her, and that everybody would just trust the father.’

Fritzl, now 82, is serving a lifelong incarceration after over and over assaulting Elisabeth and fathering seven kids by her while keeping her detained in his basement.

She brought forth the kids while held hostage – with three of them winding up caught inside with her.

In any case, the basement has now been shut everything down 200 tons of cement after the house turned into an odd vacation spot.

Fritzl was imprisoned in Walk 2009 in the wake of confessing to detainment and assault.

He kept three of them with him and his better half Rosemarie, who was unmindful of what lay underneath her home.

She thought the three kids had been surrendered by Elisabeth after Fritzl persuaded her that their little girl had fled and the malicious attacker taken on the appearance of the youngsters’ granddad.

It was the basic disease of Elisabeth’s 19-year-old interbreeding little girl Kerstin in April 2008 which at last proclaimed the finish of the mystery basement and its tenants.

Under weight from a startled Elisabeth, who cautioned that Kerstin would kick the bucket unless she got therapeutic consideration, Fritzl took her to doctor’s facility.

The house on Ybbsstrasse in Amstetten, Austria, turned into an image of abhorrence after the disclosure.

As a major aspect of the narrative, specialist Dr Heidi Kastner, who talked with Fritzl claims that he was ‘destined to assault’.

She included: ‘What he portrayed with these somewhat limit words was his need to overwhelm ladies, to command some person. What’s more, to command the individual sexually.

‘What’s more, it was a need he believed, he couldn’t give an explanation behind that need however it was something that he knew was inside him.’

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