Royal Marines try to save HMS Ocean: Commandos’ battle with the Navy to stop UK’s only helicopter carrier being sold to a foreign force

The Illustrious Marines have propelled a last-dump offered to spare HMS Sea from being sold off to an outside naval force one year from now – leaving England unequipped for mounting any major land and/or water capable fighting operations.

The commandos are battling an interior fight inside the Regal Naval force to spare the UK’s just helicopter bearer, which could soon be a piece of the Brazilian armada.

They need the Naval force to keep HMS Sea – the subject of a current three-section Channel 4 narrative – in light of the fact that the vessel is intended to help land and/or water capable landing operations.

It participated in the begin of the Iraq War in 2003 and served in Libya in 2011.

The offer of the 28,000-ton vessel would mean the Imperial Marines couldn’t dispatch any major land and/or water capable attacks until 2023, when the new plane carrying warship HMS Sovereign of Ribs enters benefit.

The previous evening, the offered to spare HMS Sea was upheld by previous First Ocean Ruler Chief of naval operations Master West, who stated: ‘Offering the ship is a noteworthy mistake and the Illustrious Marines are exceptionally mindful of that.’

The Service of Guard stated: ‘various alternatives are being considered for the fate of Sea. It is too early in the process to examine what those choices may be.’

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