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Jimmy Kimmel shares sweet photo of his daughter, 2, checking on her brother Billy after tearfully revealing the newborn was forced to undergo heart surgery

The 2017 National Geographic Travel Picture taker of the Year challenge is in progress and the photographs are stunning. Taken in Jigokudani Monkey Stop, Nagano, Japan this gathering monkey are clustering to remain warm in the wake of absorbing the neighborhood hot springs

Entrancing scenes caught far and wide fight it out for the most elite and the opportunity to win the stupendous prize of a 10-day trip for two to Galápagos Archipelago with National Geographic Campaigns. A beautiful rivulet was shot in Yakushima, Japan inexhaustible with greenery

A Piece of Your Reality! A freediver swims among thousand of fishes in the profound of Swallows Collapse Tonga in entries that are acknowledged until June 30th

Taking the tourist detour! An elevated perspective of a beautiful fall shades of New Hampshire is caught utilizing an automaton highlighting the brilliant reds and oranges of the trees as an auto virtuosos not far off

Where is Santa? 350 reindeer are crowded through the cruel Sweden winter by four herders in Randijaur lake, Jokkmokk, Sweden

Is it going to blow? A quick air current blows over Mt. Fuji giving the figment that it is near emitting on the Honshu, Japan island that it lives on

Shady cranes! The challenge highlights a wide range of pictures including this silouettes of cranes amid a morning haze in an obscure area

An ethereal shot of a salt lake in Death Valley National Stop in California looks desolate and infertile settled in the middle of California and Nevada

Seeing twofold! The Mirror Lake Yogo – otherwise called the pool of Mirror – in Japan reflects everything around it in Nagahama, Japan

Lost in the stars! This winter picture demonstrates a leafless backwoods under an astonishing starry night giving an incredible show for those ready to witness it face to face

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