‘So you won’t even answer the question’: TV host fires up and accuses Islamic radical of dodging EVERY single question in fierce clash over the murderous Islamic State terror group

Presently that was a clash. 
Lateline have Emma Alberici let go up in an meet with an Islamic radical last night, blaming him of coming up short to reply a single question amid a savage 11 minute fragment about the Islamic State fear group.
Ms Alberici impacted Hizb ut-Tahrir representative Wassim Doureihi for coming up short to reply her questions over regardless of whether he would censure the group’s lethal campaign.
‘You are obviously muddling what’s more, I did not welcome you on this program to do that,’ Ms Alberici said. 
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She asked: ‘Why will you not point clear censure the activities of IS fighters?’
Mr Doureihi let go back by marking the question ‘offensive’.
He said Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic political party which advocates for the foundation of a worldwide caliphate, had beforehand made their position clear on the fear group.
‘My clear position is that we took a clear position on ISIS long some time recently Western government officials needed to make – needed to utilize ISIS as the most recent bogeyman’.  
He demanded that ISIS what’s more, al-Qaeda do not exist in a vacuum, what’s more, censured U.S. military activity in Iraq. 
‘They exist as a response to Western impedance in the Islamic lands what’s more, they see themselves, legitimately or, on the other hand wrongfully, independent of my feeling or, then again otherwise, as a resistance exertion to what they respect as an treacherous occupation,’ he said. 
The blazing trade did not end there.
Asked in the event that he was shocked by Australian activist Khaled Sharrouf posting an picture of his seven-year-old child dangling a executed head, Mr Doureihi responded: ‘Let me tell you what I am shocked by.’
A visibily baffled Ms Alberici replied: ‘So you won’t indeed reply the question.’
EMMA ALBERICI: Are you shocked by – are you shocked by the picture of an Australian-born youngster of seven a long time old holding up disjoined heads like trophies in Iraq or, on the other hand Syria?’
WASSIM DOUREIHI: Let me tell you what I am shocked by.
EMMA ALBERICI: So you won’t indeed reply that question.
WASSIM DOUREIHI: Are you going to permit me to reply – are you going to permit me to reply the question?
EMMA ALBERICI: What are the Australian open to make of this kind of …
WASSIM DOUREIHI: In the event that you needed a one-way exchange …
EMMA ALBERICI: No. I think you’re the one who needed the one-way discussion.
WASSIM DOUREIHI: In the event that you needed a one-way discussion, you would not – you did not – you did not fundamentally have to welcome me.
EMMA ALBERICI: I am inquiring you true blue questions, …
WASSIM DOUREIHI: You’re inquiring the question, teasing for a specific response.
EMMA ALBERICI: … which you have clearly come here knowing you didn’t need to answer.
WASSIM DOUREIHI: No, you’ve come to push a specific view. Since you’re not getting the reply you need …
EMMA ALBERICI: No, I’ve come here to inquire you answers so you can …
WASSIM DOUREIHI: Since you’re not getting the reply you want.
EMMA ALBERICI: I just need – in numerous cases I just need a truly or, then again no.
WASSIM DOUREIHI: Let me make it extremely clear: you’ve welcomed me on to this stage to express my views.
WASSIM DOUREIHI: You’re not permitting me to do that.
EMMA ALBERICI: Yet you need to express your sees very partitioned to the questions that I’m putting to you.
WASSIM DOUREIHI: I’m replying the question that I regard appropriate.
Source: Lateline, kindness ABC Television
Mr Doureihi said that Ms Alberici was ‘baiting’ him for a specific reaction what’s more, needed a ‘one-way discussion’.
‘It is not Muslims who are flying B-52s,’ he argued. ‘It is not Muslims who are dropping bombs from their warrior jets. It is not Muslims who are possessing remote lands!’
Ms Alberici pointed out it was Islamic State warriors who were slaughtering Muslims, Christians what’s more, kids in the Center East. 
She addressed why he would not call on youthful Muslim men not to join the Islamic State.
Mr Doureihi said: ‘Just since you don’t like the reply doesn’t mean I’m not replying the question.’ 

Following the interview, Ms Alberici tweeted that it had been an ‘extraordinary’ exchange. 
‘I’ve never, in 20 a long time of broadcasting had somebody not reply a single question,’ she said. 
Prime Serve Tony Abbott, who said prior this week he was evolving the law to make it simpler to boycott Hizb ut-Tahrir, applauded Ms Alberici this morning. 
‘Good on her for having a go what’s more, I think she talked for her nation last night,’ he told Fairfax Radio. 
On Wednesday, Mr Abbott told 2GB telecaster Alan Jones the gathering made him ‘angry what’s more, frustrated’. 
‘We are evolving to law that will make it less demanding to boycott organisations like Hizb ut-Tahrir,’ Mr Abbott said. 
‘But some time recently that indeed we ought to have a framework in put which red cards these loathe evangelists what’s more, stops them coming to Australia.’
Another Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman, Uthman Badar, was entangled in debate prior this year at the point when he arranged to give a talk at Sydney’s Celebration of Risky Thoughts titled Respect Killings Are Ethically Justified.
Mr Badar’s discourse was crossed out after a open outcry. 


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