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Boneheads! Katy Perry gets political (again) at the Brits by portraying Theresa May and Donald Trump as SKELETONS just a month after their infamous hand-in-hand stroll

Pop star Katy Perry moved nearby consuming skeletons dressed as Theresa May and Donald Trump as she endeavored to put forth a political expression finally night’s Brit Honors.

The American vocalist played out her new melody Anchored to the Musicality live in front of an audience at the O2 wearing a dark pinstripe suit.

She was joined in front of an audience by two skeletons who were dressed like Mrs May and Mr Trump were amid the combine’s initially meeting in Washington a month ago.

Many individuals took to Twitter to express their beguilement at Miss Perry’s execution.

Nonetheless, not all went to design in her political moral story – as one of her support artists dressed as a White House tumbled off the stage halfway through the execution.

The figures seemed to clasp hands before detonating into flame – apparently a reference to a minute when Mr Trump held Mrs May’s hand as they strolled down strides at the White House.

In any case, amid the execution, one of the support artists tumbled and tumbled off the stage.

Miss Perry discharged her most recent single not long ago and has not performed at in the UK for a long time.

She was a committed supporter of Hilary Clinton amid the U.S president decisions and has been reproachful of Mr Trump since his race.

Her politically-charged execution, close by Sway Marley’s grandson Skip, included verses which could be viewed as a kind of perspective to President Trump’s disputable plans for building a divider along the Mexican fringe.

Amid the melody, Skip Marley rapped: ‘It is my craving, separate the dividers to interface, rouse’.

Also, the tune predicts the general population ascending against the government officials.

It says: ‘Up in your high place, liars, time is ticking for the domain. Reality they encourage is weak.

‘They lurching and mishandling and we’re going to revolt. They woke up, they woke up the lions.’

The artists have tweeted with the hashtags ‘we are the development’ and “lions” in reference to their position against President Trump.

Miss Perry’s most recent music video cautions against ‘living in a rise’ as she visits a tragic amusement stop.

In the track, Perry sings: ‘Would we say we are insane? Living our lives through a viewpoint, caught in our white-picket fence, similar to trimmings, so agreeable, we live in an air pocket, an air pocket, so agreeable, we can’t see the inconvenience, the inconvenience.’

Watchers watching on Twitter communicated their diversion over Perry’s political execution.

One composed: ‘Katy Perry simply simmered Trump and Theresa May at the £Brits, I am living.’

Another jested: ‘Didn’t understand @katyperry had enlisted @TheresaMay-MP as one of her sponsorship artists!’

‘OMG IM Passing on! Just viewed Katy Perry drag Donald Trump and Theresa May on live television with colossal skeleton manikins. She is my object of worship £SlayQueen,’ another Perry fan said.

Isa Urosal

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