Make mine a small one: Collector’s 10k home bar of 2,000 miniatures (but don’t ask if he’ll have one himself – he doesn’t drink)

He’s the glad proprietor of Britain’s greatest mini-bar – be that as it may Eddie Hayes has no plans to ever open any of the 2,000 smaller than expected bottles that line its shelves.
For while others would find it hard to stand up to the colorful gathering of brews what’s more, spirits, the businessperson is teetotal.
Worth £10,000, the pull in his 30ft bar comes from over the globe what’s more, incorporates ouzo from Saddam Hussein-era Iraq what’s more, a Medieval mead, all amassed in a work of cherish extending back more than 40 years.
But the organization director, 71, has no taste for a tipple. ‘I went off liquor a long time ago,’ he said. ‘I would never dream of drinking them – think of the hangover.
‘I might have the odd ale shandy yet that’s all. So my gathering is safe.’
Mr Hayes, of Newport, South Wales, begun his accumulation at the point when he was given a few miniatures as a present. He at that point kept bottles from business trips what’s more, occasions with spouse Jean, 64, as mementos.
As his gathering grew, companions what’s more, family included to it – driving him to purchase new shelves.

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