‘Cassandra is not the naive sweet little blonde girl that everybody thinks she is’: Inside Sydney brothel ‘Club 220’ where ‘Cocaine Cassie’ Sainsbury worked under the name ‘Claudia’ before being arrested in Colombia with 5.8kg of cocaine

Denounced tranquilize runner Cassandra Sainsbury was ‘not the gullible sweet minimal blonde young lady that everyone supposes she is’ as per partners at a house of ill-repute she worked at in Sydney’s west.

The 22-year-old South Australian young lady functioned as a whore at 220 Courteous fellow’s Club in Penrith, Western Sydney, in the months paving the way to her Colombian excursion, where she was gotten with 5.8kg of cocaine in her bag.

Ms Sainsbury’s previous colleague at the house of ill-repute uncovered her mystery calling on Sunday asserting the youthful Australian was not “innocent” nor ‘sweet’.

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‘I believe she’s manipulative, I believe she’s an enthusiastic liar and I believe she’s scheming,’ she disclosed to Nine News.

‘Try not to be tricked by the tears and the blonde hair and the huge boobs. She’s not this residential area young lady from Adelaide, Cassandra is not the innocent, sweet minimal blonde young lady everyone supposes she will be, she is a decent liar.’

The lady, who talked secretly, said Ms Sainsbury filled in as a whore called “Claudia” for the second 50% of 2016.

In a web notice for ‘Claudia’, she portrayed herself as ’19 years of age… tasteful, fun and prepared to please… and in Sydney for a brief timeframe’.

In another advertisement highlighting a similar photograph, she portrayed herself as a ‘cute, dazzling blonde who means to satisfy you in more routes than one!’.

The profile depiction was joined by a photograph of a blonde lady wearing red and dark unmentionables.

While Ms Sainsbury’s face was not unmistakable in the photograph, her associate confirmed her character ‘100 percent’.

‘That one there is Cassandra 100 percent. I realize that outfit; I recall when she demonstrated us she got it. I’ve seen that photograph, that is Cassandra 100 percent,’ she said.

Ms Sainsbury asserted she was a fitness coach on her open Facebook page amid the period she filled in as a fly-in-fly-out sex specialist.

Channel Nine uncovered records that affirmed flights from South Australia to Sydney which coordinated dates she functioned as a whore.

Ms Sainsbury’s life partner Scott Broadbridge supposedly purchased flights for his accomplice to travel interstate for the work.

The whorehouse promotes ‘a universe of refinement and style’ with the ‘most ideal grown-up understanding’ at rates of $150 per 30 minutes or $250 every hour.

‘Diverse young ladies that you can have and distinctive sort of young ladies that can make your dreams materialize,’ it said.

‘Our choice incorporates develop, gifted, excellent and neighborly Sydney cougars that will entice you and no man will have the capacity to stand up to.’

Ms Sainsbury’s previous partner at the western Sydney whorehouse said the denounced medicate runner ought not be trusted.

The lady said Ms Sainsbury lied in regards to her mom being wiped out and at last lied and told individuals her mom had passed on.

Ms Sainsbury’s previous associates at the whorehouse gave several dollars to help her take care of burial service costs.

The previous collaborator said she was stunned to discover Ms Sainsbury’s mom was as yet alive, as well as not wiped out.

‘She said her mum was experiencing MS and was in a private doctor’s facility in Sydney, that she didn’t have private medical coverage yet Cassandra had done an arrangement with the healing facility for diminished charges however she’d keep running up a significant obligation,’ she said.

‘At that point… she had a telephone call saying that her mum was kicking the bucket, and after that another call saying her mum had kicked the bucket, passed far from MS… all while she was at the house of ill-repute.

‘We’ve been truly misled. Dislike she’s recently specified it on more than one occasion, Cassandra would continue endlessly about it,’ the previous associate said.

Sensation disclosures of Ms Sainsbury’s work as a whore became exposed on Sunday, that day Ms Sainsbury changed her tale about how she came to be gotten with the 5.8kg of cocaine in her bag.

In a Sydney court on Sunday, Ms Sainsbury’s Australian legal counselor said the 22-year-old knew the bundles contained medications yet she was compelled to convey them.

An archive asserted she was compelled to convey the medications in light of the fact that a puzzling gathering ‘debilitated her life and the life of her family in the event that she didn’t follow their requests’.

In the interim, Sainsbury’s legal counselor Orlando Herran told a hour his customer reacted to a Craigslist advertisement in the wake of ending up in budgetary strife in Australia.

The advertisement offered an advance and a trek to London – yet at last the schedule was changed to Hong Kong, Los Angeles and after that Bogota.

Mr Herran asserted Ms Sainsbury attempted to pull out of the arrangement finally before dangers were made against her life. He said her family was additionally undermined.

‘On the off chance that you don’t get the opportunity to fly we will be debilitating or killing your family or you,’ Mr Herran told a hour.

‘Cassandra isn’t a terrible individual. She is a young lady with a… botch.’

Ms Sainsbury’s clarification for her capture for the affirmed cocaine in her gear at Bogota Air terminal a month ago was uncovered in a Sydney court prior on Sunday.

An announcement of actualities utilized as a part of the directive demand in a Sydney court on Sunday asserted Sainsbury ‘has succumbed to a global medication trafficking syndicate’.

‘Thus, she has connected to the Colombian experts and the Australian Government Police to be put into a witness security program.’

The 22-year-old’s mom Lisa Sainsbury told a hour she trusts her little girl is guiltless.

‘I’ve accepted from the principal second that I discovered that she’s pure – despite everything I trust it right up ’til the present time,’ she said.

‘It conflicts with all that she remains for… I trust she is 100 for every penny pure and I generally will.’

She likewise uncovered she hasn’t addressed her little girl’s life partner, Scott Broadbridge, since her capture.

It has been accounted for Broadbridge, 23, fled Colombia in dread of his life, after Colombian prosecutors affirmed he was a ‘man of enthusiasm’ in the examination.

He is accepted to have made a hurried exit from the South American nation hours before advise all meetings were set to go air on Australian TV.

Prior, Sainsbury’s Australian legal counselors held up a pressing directive in the NSW Preeminent Court against a Channel Seven report being communicated on Sunday night.

In any case, the telecaster won in court and demonstrated the report after a judge rejected the case, as per News Corp.

‘I expel the offended party’s application and there is no restriction on Divert Seven in connection to their Sunday program tonight,’ Equity John Sackar said in court.

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