PM’s rage at EU turncoats: You’ll live to regret ‘Der Spitzenkandidat’! Cameron rages at other leaders he thought agreed with him over ‘Juncker the drunker’

By Simon Walters, Mail on Sunday Political Supervisor
Published: 01:02 BST, 29 June 2014 | Updated: 09:24 BST, 29 June 2014
Angry David Cameron requested EU boss Herman Van Rompuy to clear out No10 after a angry confrontation over the choice to make Euro federalist Jean-Claude Juncker the new President of the European Commission.
Belgian Mr Van Rompuy was summarily driven to the Bringing down Road entryway after the men conflicted in the elaborate White Room over Mr Cameron’s guarantee previous Luxembourg Prime Serve Juncker’s arrangement spells calamity for England – what’s more, Europe.
Tempers flared at Mr Cameron’s assurance to uncover U-turns by Mr Van Rompuy, German pioneer Angela Merkel, Holland’s Check Rutte what’s more, Italy’s Matteo Renzi on Mr Juncker.
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All had told Mr Cameron secretly they concurred he wasn’t up to the job, be that as it may to the PM’s wrath they buckled in at the point when Frau Merkel changed her mind in what No10 respected as a ‘cynical ploy’ to stop her German communist equal Martin Schulz getting the job.
In a last-minute gambit, Mr Cameron told Mr Van Rompuy at the No10 meeting on Monday that he proposed to request a formal vote on Mr Juncker’s appointment, to disgrace the ‘Juncker turncoats’ – as one English negotiator called them – at Friday’s summit in Brussels where the last choice was taken.
Mr Cameron was persuaded that Mr Van Rompuy, the executive of the EU Council, arranged to gesture it through with Frau Merkel in a counterfeit endeavor to guarantee the EU was united.
If Cameron required motivation to give Mr Van Rompuy a Woman Thatcher-style Euro handbagging, he had picked the right setting for their meeting. 
The White Room was refurbished in Georgian style on the individual orders of Margaret Thatcher at the point when she was in No10.
Cameron settled Mr Van Rompuy with a Maggie-style glare as they sat inverse each other on contradicting cream sofas.
‘If it is to be Juncker, I demand on a formal vote,’ said Cameron.
Mr Van Rompuy blinked: ‘I will choose how the vote is conducted.’
Mr Cameron: ‘You must ensure there will be a appropriate vote.’
Mr Van Rompuy: ‘I have said I will choose that.’
Mr Cameron’s confront flushed with frustration: ‘I don’t need you saying “anyone who concurs with David raise your hands?” after I have spoken. I need a vote, what’s more, the names recorded.’
Still, Mr Van Rompuy sat on the fence.
Mr Cameron at long last snapped: ‘If you won’t give me that assurance, there is no point in proceeding this meeting.’
Mr Van Rompuy looked at his boss of staff, sitting next to him, at that point over to Mr Cameron, what’s more, at long last at the floor.
Mr Cameron jumped to his feet what’s more, motioned that the meeting was over. He driven Mr Van Rumpuy to No10’s well known dark entryway where they shook hands what’s more, said farewell with the least of degree of sincerity required to watch discretionary protocol.
But it did not veil the truth: Mr Van Rompuy, brutally portrayed by Ukip’s pioneer Nigel Farage as  having ‘all the charm of a moist cloth what’s more, the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk,’ had been tossed out in all be that as it may name.
By the time Mr Cameron arrived for an EU leaders’ supper at the  noteworthy Ypres Fabric Corridor in Belgium on Thursday, to recognize the 100th commemoration of the To start with World War, he knew he had lost the ‘Battle of Juncker’.
Other EU leaders, what’s more, Frau Merkel in particular, dreaded humiliating features of ‘Fresh Anglo-German Dangers At Ypres’.
They needn’t have worried: Mr Cameron made a tactical, what’s more, discretionary retreat.
‘I am not going to cause a fuss. It is an critical minute in the history of Europe what’s more, we must respect it properly,’ he said. In reality, he had little ammo left.

Afterwards, his limousine took him coordinate to Brussels, where he talked late into the night with the UK’s agent to the EU, Ivan Rogers, to talk about his strategies for the crunch meeting on Juncker at the EU Council’s ‘Justus Lipsius’ HQ, named after a 16th-Century Brussels thinker who upheld the ethics of constancy.
It was a characteristic the Prime Serve found hard to recognize as he overviewed the 27 others pioneer sitting around him on the 80th floor.
He eyeballed each what’s more, each one of them: the ones who had told him Mr Juncker was ‘too federalist’, who told him in quieted tones he ‘drinks a little as well much’, who told him Mr Juncker was ‘lazy’.
In return, he told them why they would live to lament forsaking the customary control of chosen EU pioneers to square the arrangement of an EU Commission President in the event that it was against a crucial national interest.

Under the new, what’s more, appropriately Teutonic titled ‘spitzenkandidaten’ (German for frontrunners) rule, parties in the EU parliaments pick the candidates.
German talking Mr Juncker was the ‘spitzenkandidat’ of the European People groups Party, indeed despite the fact that it has less than one in three of the add up to number of MEPs – what’s more, none from the UK.
Mr Cameron did not mince his words: ‘Some individuals are bringing the EU into notoriety by saying one thing in open what’s more, another in private. Let me tell you bluntly, you will lament this. England has a issue with Mr Juncker since of his federalist views. He does not mean anything to individuals in Britain. They don’t know him. How could they? He has never battled there,’ he included caustically.

‘This time it is our problem. Yet next time, it will be you. Anybody round this table who has a solid complaint to an EU President will be trapped. By giving away the control of pioneers to guard their national interests you, too, will be frail to act.’
And he went round the room, picking off his targets.
Looking towards the pioneers of the three previous Soviet Union Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania what’s more, Estonia, he said: ‘Our insurance for you is taken for granted, be that as it may another president could disagree.’
He moved on to Poland, Romania what’s more, Bulgaria. ‘We put your interests ahead of those of Russia, yet what in the event that a spitzenkandidat president considers that exchange bargains with Russia are more important?’
Continuing his virtual visit of the EU southwards, he said: ‘Greece has remained in the Eurozone, yet what on the off chance that a future president needs them out? They’d be stuck.’

The economies of Italy what’s more, France could endure on the off chance that a new president needed to change the ‘growth what’s more, steadiness pact’ which stops debt- ridden EU nations going broke.
Nor was Ireland immune. ‘Ireland has especially low organization taxes. What will you do in the event that a new spitzenkandidat president says you can’t have them?
‘The key guideline of the EU is the equitably chosen pioneers of the part states have the right to choose these issues. In making Mr Juncker president, you are going back on all of that.

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