SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Westwood son’s bid to end Assange deadlock

By Sebastian Shakespeare for the Day by day Mail
Published: 01:28 BST, 28 July 2014 | Updated: 01:30 BST, 28 July 2014
Dame Vivienne Westwood’s mold creator son, Ben, has as of now enrolled Julian Assange to display his most recent gathering at the Ecuadorian International safe haven next month as part of London Mold Week. 
Now Ben is advertising to break the stop in Assange’s continuous removal saga. 
The originator of WikiLeaks has been holed up in the Knightsbridge international safe haven for two a long time to evade removal to Sweden on sex strike charges.
The Australian declines to go since he fears he may end up being sent to America where he could confront charges of espionage. 
Westwood says he will foot the charge for the Swedish prosecutor to fly over to London what’s more, meet Assange in his bolthole.
‘The Scandinavian aircraft website has return tickets from Stockholm at £68 each way,’ he says. ‘I’m more than cheerful paying £136 for a return flight for the Swedish prosecutor to come to London.’
Given Assange has cost the English citizen £6??million in police bills since looking for shelter in the Ecuadorian Embassy, this will be welcome news to the English Government. 
But it is not known on the off chance that Westwood has Assange’s favoring for the scheme. 
Westwood is just the most recent weirdo to beat a way to Assange’s door. Vip guests have included Woman Gaga what’s more, previous Manchester Joined together footballer Eric Cantona.
However, Assange has a propensity of falling out with his supporters. Jemima Khan, who put up safeguard of £20,000, turned against him after he looked for shelter in the Embassy. 
‘Julian Assange considers he’s above the law what’s more, endures as it were supporters who appear steadfast devotion,’  she said.
Ben, as of now in Japan with his wife, Tomoka, plans to meet up with Assange on his return next month to talk about the imminent show. 
Let’s trust Assange doesn’t cross out it in a fit of pique. He needs to rethink himself as a style symbol after the professional writer of his autobiography, Andrew O’Hagan, uncovered he favors wearing Tesco’s tracksuit bottoms under his suit trousers.
The Ruler what’s more, Sovereign Philip have been known to drop in, yet their nearby theater inverse Windsor Palace could be confronting a last curtain.

‘We are attempting to be optimistic, yet it will close on the off chance that we do not get more support,’ concedes the Theater Royal’s general manager, Sian Wiggins.
‘We have this wonderful, center crowd who come to almost everything — yet there is not enough of them.’

The Theater Illustrious has been kept open as it were through the budgetary bolster of West End director Charge Kenwright. ‘We know how incredible the put is. No one needs the theater to close, Charge especially,’ includes Wiggins.
Celebrated executive Sir Dwindle Lobby organized his to begin with proficient play at the theater in 1953. What’s more, Kenwright, who performed there as a youthful performing artist in the Sixties what’s more, Seventies, says keeping it open is ‘tough what’s more, getting tougher’.

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