Window washers dangling from side of building rescued by heroic firefighters

By Ryan Gorman
Published: 00:59 BST, 18 July 2014 | Updated: 13:13 BST, 18 July 2014
Two window washers dangling high in the air over the road Thursday morning were protected by firefighters.
The two unidentified men were five stories above an Olympia, Washington road at the point when their window washing stage started to malfunction. One of the laborers was dying from the head at the point when firefighters arrived.
The match was working on the raise of the six-story building at the point when the incident occurred, an Olympia Fire Office articulation said. It is not clear what caused the incident.
Both men, purportedly representatives of Expert Window Cleaning, based in Gig Harbor, showed up to be working from seats that were suspended in the air utilizing cables.
One of the laborers was still in his perch, be that as it may another showed up to be dangling from the side of the building at the point when offer assistance arrived.
Three firefighter teams before long arrived on the scene just after 10.00 a.m., specialists said.
One hustled to the top of the building to make beyond any doubt the line was secure what’s more, would proceed to hold the men.
Another worked through the fifth-floor windows to evaluate the medicinal condition of the window washers, what’s more, a third raised a step up the side of the building to bring the couple down.
The harmed man was made a difference out of his tangled adapt what’s more, brought down to the ground for restorative attention, concurring to fire officials.

The second laborer was brought down without further ado after, he endured no injuries.
A individual who replied the telephone at a number recorded for Expert Window Cleaning declined remark what’s more, hung up.

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