Adoptive parents of missing North Carolina teen Erica Parsons appear in court and plead not guilty to over 75 fraud charges

By MailOnline Correspondent
Published: 01:39 BST, 7 Regal 2014 | Updated: 15:48 BST, 7 Regal 2014
The supportive guardians of missing North Carolina youngster Erica Parsons showed up in court on Wednesday as they confront more than 75 charges of fraud.

Casey what’s more, Sandy Parsons are charged of proceeding to gather benefits for their received niece after her disappearance. They argue not blameworthy to the charges in Greensboro Government Court.

Erica was 13 a long time old at the point when she was last seen in November 2011, be that as it may wasn’t revealed missing until July 2013 at the point when her 20-year-old receptive sibling educated specialists of his sister’s nonattendance after getting into a battle with his parents.

The Parsons proceed to assert that they sent Erica to live with her ‘Nan’, despite the fact that the girl’s natural mother says no such grandparent exists. 
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The charges against the Parsons are not related to Erica’s disappearance, yet their activities after she went missing.

Federal prosecutors say the Parsons proceeded to gather a few benefits planned for Erica, counting a $634 month to month check for reception assistance.

The Parsons are too charged of getting state stores for Erica’s Medicaid, Social Security what’s more, food.

Additionally, prosecutors say the Parsons lied on their salary charge returns by utilizing extraordinary personalities to make up false dependents.

According to the indictment, Erica was home-schooled, had hearing issues what’s more, learning disability.

Adoptive mother Casey Stone Parsons faces 76 charges counting robbery of government funds, making false articulations as to solid mind matters what’s more, supporting the documenting of a false impose return.

Her spouse Sandy Swim Parsons faces 49 charges counting intrigue to confer offenses against the Joined together States what’s more, robbery of government funds.

The Erica Parsons case has proceeded to bewilder investigators, what’s more, she has never been found.

The Parsons have demanded that they were not stressed about her wellbeing since they accepted she was with ‘Nan’ – indeed in spite of the fact that it afterward risen that both of Erica’s organic grandmas were in reality dead.

The missing teen’s organic mother Carolyn Parsons talked out against the couple’s claims, saying she will not give up looking for her daughter, who is presently 15.

‘I’m in somebody’s bad dream what’s more, they will not wake up what’s more, let me out,’ she beforehand told WBTV.

Casey what’s more, Sandy’s lawyer, Carlyle Sherrill, said that it was Carolyn who presented Erica to ‘Nan’, adding: ‘That’s who brought Nan to them what’s more, likely knows who Nan is.’

But Carolyn said: ‘Nan what’s more, Irene don’t exist. The as it were two individuals that know the truth are the as it were two individuals that won’t give the truth.’
She moreover said she had not needed to hand her little girl over to her in-laws, yet felt she had to since she was unfit to bring up the youngster properly.

‘No mother needs to have kids what’s more, just give them up,’ she said. ‘I didn’t need to. She didn’t merit the life that I had.’

Carolyn says she has not seen Erica since January 2011, 10 months some time recently she went missing.

A polygraph test conveyed out on Sandy Parsons was found to be ‘strongly deceptive’ at the point when he depicted how he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

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