New Jersey attorneys have ‘video evidence of 34-year-old high school teacher and mother of two performing oral sex on students’ in sexual assault case

By Mail On the web Journalist
Published: 00:57 BST, 28 September 2014 | Updated: 00:57 BST, 28 September 2014
A New Shirt high school educator blamed of sexually ambushing three 15-year-old young men in her auto what’s more, at the school where she educated was indeed caught on video performing oral sex on one victim.

In exploring the assertions against mother-of-two Nicole Dufault, 34, experts found the video what’s more, a piece of attire she was wearing while seeking her apartment.

Dufault is charged with a few checks of irritated sexual attack what’s more, jeopardizing the welfare of a child, reported.
At slightest one other casualty is as far as anyone knows show in the video.

Essex Province Aide Prosecutor Gina Iosim uncovered new points of interest in the case Friday as the court heard a movement to lessen Dufault’s $500,000 safeguard on the grounds she had no criminal record what’s more, longstanding group ties.
Her lawyers contended she had not indeed gotten a movement ticket.

She is anticipating trial in Essex Province jail.

The movement was denied by Unrivaled Court Judge Michael R. Ravin.
He said the safeguard was sensible given both the seriousness what’s more, number of charges, what’s more, included that the video implied the probability of conviction was extremely high.

Iosim moreover contended that Dufault had seen two earlier objections held up against her at Columbia High School for ‘lack of demonstrable skill what’s more, her conduct.’
She was charged of having ‘inappropriate sexual discussions in the classroom,’ in one complaint.
She’s too denounced of lying about her work encounter on her resume, posting one previous boss where she never as a matter of fact worked.

Dufault’s attorney, Timothy Smith, has not said the video what’s more, said after the hearing he could not remark without seeing the new evidence.

He did say ‘sometimes a video…doesn’t tell the whole story
‘If the video portrays certain things happening…that doesn’t mean my client’s not innocent,’ he told ‘For example, she could be the victim. Individuals are misled by adolescents all the time.’
Prosecutors in Essex Province say that Dufault, who educated dialect expressions at Columbia High School for nine years, attacked the young men amid the standard scholastic year what’s more, summer school between 2013-2014.
The experiences professedly took put in the teacher’s auto what’s more, the school’s grounds in Maplewood, New Jersey, what’s more, included oral sex what’s more, intercourse, specialists charge.
She faces 12 partitioned charges. Each asserted casualty was 15 at the time of the encounters.

‘I don’t get it how somebody can’t pick up the signs for something like that or, on the other hand how any one of those kids would not have said something some time recently now,’ parent Jennifer Berkeley told WABC.  ‘It’s truly amazing to me.’

‘They do foundation checks on the teachers, so I don’t understand,’ another Columbia HS parent told CBS New York.

Dufault was captured at her home on Wedneday. One neighbor, who’s known the educator for six years, was stunned to hear about the allegations.

‘Seemed like a, you know, just an normal mother going to work,’ Maureen Messina told CBS New York.

‘Not as it were did she annihilate her life what’s more, her children, yet the young men who are included as well,’ the neighbor added.

Dufault is being held at the Essex Province Imprison in lieu of $500,000 bail.

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