The double life of one of Australia’s top surgeons: How a highly paid doctor with a cocaine habit and taste for prostitutes continued to operate AFTER the death of two sex workers

By Lillian Radulova
Published: 02:06 BST, 24 Regal 2014 | Updated: 02:07 BST, 24 Regal 2014
A neurosurgeon who was known to be dependent to cocaine what’s more, connected to the demise of two whores was permitted to proceed rehearsing exact surgeries, destroying the lives of a few of his trusting patients as he spiraled downhill.
Dr Suresh Nair was in the long run imprisoned for four a long time after he argue blameworthy to one check of homicide what’s more, two tallies of providing cocaine, a joint examination by the ABC what’s more, Fairfax has revealed.
The Malaysian-born specialist will presently be expelled back to his home nation after his perpetual residency was cancelled, be that as it may amid his careless spell at the Nepean Private clinic in Sydney’s west, Dr Nair caused a life-time of harm to a number of his patients.
Carla Downes, who Dr Nair worked on three times, told the ABC that in her second operation Dr Nair worked at the off-base level of her spine, driving to seven a long time of steady torment and  clearing out her incapable to walk up a flight of stairs.
Another patient, Rhonda Taylor, told Fairfax that her misused spinal fusion, performed by Dr Nair in 2009, had ‘taken [her] life away’.
Their tributes have come after disclosures that the NSW Restorative Chamber what’s more, both the private what’s more, open Nepean clinics were mindful of Dr Nair’s cocaine fixation since 2004, at the point when he was suspended for six weeks after a pee test found follows of cocaine in his system. 
However the Restorative Board regarded it safe to stop performing medicate tests on the specialist in 2008, what’s more, in spite of the Nepean Open Healing facility keeping up the previous choice to boycott him from performing surgeries, their private partner permitted him back into the working theatre.
At the time, Dr Nair was spending tens of thousands of dollars on whores what’s more, facilitating little medicate parties in his home, concurring to the ABC.
Even his co-workers, individual neurosurgeons, started communicating questions at Dr Nair’s capacity ‘to work as a consultant’ at this point, with one individual depicting his surgical choices as ‘often bizarre’, Fairfax reports.
In February 2009, a 23-year-old sex worker, Victoria McIntyre, passed on of a cocaine overdose after a night at the neurosurgeon’s apartment.
While the clinic was educated of the incident, the NSW Restorative Board was not, what’s more, Dr Nair proceeded to work.
Later in the same year, 19-year-old escort Suellen Domingues-Zaupa, too kicked the bucket at Dr Nair’s home after enduring a cardiovascular capture from a cocaine overdose.
Finally, after this incident, Dr Nair was captured what’s more, his restorative permit was denied in 2010.
The full media examination can be seen on Monday at 8:30pm on ABC’s Four Corners.

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