‘Did the HPV vaccine kill my daughter’: Mother demands answers after healthy and active daughter, 12, collapses and dies after getting vaccine

By Jessica Jerreat
Published: 03:05 BST, 9 Regal 2014 | Updated: 14:29 BST, 9 Eminent 2014
The mother of a 12-year-old young lady from Wisconsin, who crumpled what’s more, passed on hours after having the HPV vaccination, is addressing regardless of whether the jab may have been to blame.

Rebecca Prohaska is so frantic for answers as to why her fit what’s more, sound daughter, Meredith, passed on that she concurred for restorative analysts to take the girl’s cerebrum away for testing.

Meredith, who cherished to play basketball, was given the schedule antibody advertised to all kids of her age just hours some time recently she died. 
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When she returned home from the doctor’s appointment, the 12-year-old grumbled of feeling sleepy, what’s more, snoozed for much of the day.

But at the point when Mrs Prohaska returned home from picking up supper at about 4pm, she found her little girl confront down on the living room floor.

She had vomited, her lips were purple, what’s more, she wasn’t breathing. Meredith was hurried to hospital, where she was articulated dead.
Doctors have so far been incapable to give a reason for why the apparently solid schoolgirl died.

‘It was the hardest thing at the point when they called what’s more, said they don’t know. There was no reason. She was the most beneficial 12-year-old,’ Mrs Prohaska told the Journal-Sentinel.
Both she what’s more, her husband, Mark, suspect the HPV antibody may have played a part since it was the as it were thing unique on the day Meredith died.

“It has to be that vaccine,” Check Prohaska told Fox6. ‘I’m a extreme guy. I can take a beating – yet this has tore a gap in my heart.’
The couple are holding up for the comes about of a few tests for conceivable poisons or, on the other hand disease-causing microorganisms, yet it could take months some time recently they have the answers they so frantically need.
Although they suspect the antibody may have played a part in their daughter’s death, Dr Geoffrey Swain told Fox6 that extreme side impacts were uncommon what’s more, that the HPV jab had maybe a couple risks.

‘Vaccines in general what’s more, the HPV antibody in particular, very, exceptionally safe. It’s a exceptionally safe antibody what’s more, exceptionally effective,’ he said.

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