Captors release photo of P.O.W Bowe Bergdahl smiling alongside Taliban commander as they claim he wasn’t tortured during five-year detention but ‘treated with kindness’

By David Mccormack what’s more, Lydia Warren
Published: 00:57 BST, 10 July 2014 | Updated: 14:28 BST, 10 July 2014
A photograph of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, grinning what’s more, posturing with a previous senior Taliban official in Afghanistan has been posted on Twitter.

The undated photo, likely taken amid Bergdahl’s five a long time in captivity, was posted on the social media site on Wednesday by @khorasan3, an account related with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Along with the picture were the words ‘#US Solider #Bergdahl with Saint #Taliban Pioneer Badar’udin Haqqani(RH) S/O Shaykh Jalaludin Haqqani(HA).’
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The Center East Examine Establish has affirmed that the man in the photograph is Taliban Administrator Badruddin Haqqani, a senior part of the Haqqani arrange in Afghanistan.

He was considered the organisation’s day-to-day operations officer what’s more, was murdered in a U.S. ramble strike in Regal 2012. He was moreover the child of Haqqani head Jalaluddin Haqqani. 

The Haqqani Organize is an Islamist guerilla gathering partnered with the Taliban what’s more, utilizing topsy-turvy fighting to battle against US-led NATO powers what’s more, the government of Afghanistan.

Later @khorasan tweeted a arrangement of messages in which they guaranteed Bergdahl was never tormented by the Taliban what’s more, as it were treated with thoughtfulness amid his five a long time in captivity.

Former POW Bergdahl was questionably discharged by the Taliban in May in trade for five Guantanamo Inlet detainees.
Since arriving back on American soil, he has been held at Stronghold Sam Houston in San Antonio as part of his ‘reintegration.’
Last week it risen that he is being permitted to meander off the Texas base what’s more, while under supervision he has gone to a library, a supermarket, stores what’s more, fast-food chains close the camp.

During the trips, Bergdahl some of the time wears non military personnel garments what’s more, other times dresses in his military uniform, driving bystanders to perceive him what’s more, shake his hand, an Armed force representative told CNN.
The points of interest have risen as warriors who served with Bergdahl some time recently he cleared out his post in Afghanistan in 2009 uncovered they have still not been reached by military investigators.
The previous troopers have said that they accept the Armed force has fizzled to contact them since it has as of now made up its mind about how Bergdahl finished up in the hands of the Taliban.
Members of Bergdahl’s unit – counting the company pioneer – have beforehand said they accept he abandoned his post in June 2009 some time recently looking for out the enemy.
Two-star general Major General Kenneth Dahl is presently leading a new examination to decide regardless of whether Bergdahl did abandon his post or, on the other hand went AWOL, which would recommend he planned to rejoin.

But for previous company pioneer Armed force Sgt. Evan Buetow, who cleared out the Armed force in 2012, the reply is the same as it continuously was.
‘I think it’s exceptionally clear he betrayed his post,’ Buetow told ‘He thought about what he was doing, he sent a few things home, he strolled away what’s more, we have witnesses who saw him strolling away.
‘And in the event that you’re strolling away in one of the worst, most unsafe regions of Afghanistan without your weapon what’s more, gear, I don’t accept you’re arranging on coming back.’
Of the investigation, he added: ‘They’ve as of now finished up what they need to be said. They know precisely what happened.’
Former Armed force Sgt. Matt Vierkant too said he had not been reached by Armed force officials, yet said there are most likely still sworn explanations by the unit’s individuals made after he cleared out the post.
‘I have certainty that they’re going to do what’s right,’ Vierkant said. ‘I just feel this should’ve happened a long time back what’s more, it should’ve been public.’
Vierkant too accepts that Bergdahl betrayed his unit, which implies he ought to be court martialed.
Bergdahl is presently getting outpatient mind at Fortification Sam Houston in San Antonio what’s more, has wandered off base to the library, a supermarket, stores what’s more, eateries as part of his reintegration process.
But in the event that Armed force authorities decide that he did desert, Buetow said the one-time ‘good soldier’ ought to be court-martialed, downgraded what’s more, disreputably discharged
Army authorities told Fox that the exploring officer will for the most part audit any materials that are given yet said they could not contact of the particular soldiers.

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