‘Why so mean? Told me I smelt’: Cheating Baden-Clay is quizzed about entries in his dead wife’s journal as he describes their ‘awkward’ sexual relationship

By Candace Sutton In Brisbane

Published: 02:28 BST, 1 July 2014

Updated: 01:34 BST, 2 July 2014

Allison Baden-Clay kept a diary of her turbulent marriage to charged killer Gerard what’s more, point by point how he was ‘mean’ to her what’s more, how he re-started his undertaking with his on-off escort just four weeks after her 40th birthday, a court has heard.

Cross-examination proceeded at Brisbane Incomparable Court on Wednesday over his various undertakings what’s more, his relationship with Allison, whose body was found dumped in a stream in 2012.

Asked by Crown Prosecutor Todd More full about sections in Allison’s diary, Baden-Clay said their sexual relationship had recommenced in February 2012 what’s more, it had been ‘awkward’.

Of her possess 40th birthday celebrations, she composed ’40th birthday – four weeks afterward started’.
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Asked regardless of whether that was a reference to the reality his undertaking with Toni McHugh had begun four weeks after his wife’s birthday, Baden-Clay agreed.

Referring to another journal entry, ‘why so mean?’, Mr More full inquired him what that meant.

‘I don’t know … we had recommenced our sexual relationship in about February what’s more, that was after a period of nine a long time that any…um…and, ah, it was exceptionally cumbersome naturally,’ Baden-Clay said.

‘But there was a couple of events at the starting where Allison was exceptionally self cognizant what’s more, extremely self aware.

‘I think she thought I giggled at the clothing she was wearing what’s more, that’s not true’.

Asked about another entry, ‘told me I smelt’, Baden-Clay said, ‘I didn’t tell her she smelled.

‘But not one or the other of us had had a shower on one event what’s more, I said possibly we ought to have a shower since we smell’.
On Wednesday, Baden-Clay conceded he as it were told his family about his undertaking with Ms McHugh since news was going to come out in the media.

‘When did you tell your family?,’ Mr More full asked.

‘When I was educated (that) somebody in the media (was) going to be composing a story,’ he replied.

‘I didn’t expect the police were going to advise the media yet they did.’
The defendant, who has presently spent more than three days in the witness box denying killing his spouse on April 20, 2012, denied on Tuesday that marks on his confront were caused in a battle with his spouse on the night she went missing.

‘I recommend that [the scratches] came about as your spouse scratched your face,’ Mr More full said.

‘She did not,’ answered Baden-Clay.

‘At a time at the point when she was battling with you?’, Mr More full pressed.

‘No, that’s totally false.’

Earlier on Tuesday the Gerard Baden-Clay kill trial heard points of interest of the charged killer’s ignoble cherish life what’s more, how he tricked on his courtesan with another genuine bequest agent, all the time while hitched to his now-dead wife.
Under cross-examination, Baden-Clay told how he gone to a genuine domain meeting in Sydney where he rested with match operator Jackie Crane what’s more, the next evening spent the night with long-term fancy woman Toni McHugh.

Quizzing him about his web of infidelities, Crown Prosecutor Todd More full asked: ‘(Toni McHugh) turned up the day after you rested with Jackie Crane?

‘Yes’, the respondent replied.
Mr Fuller: ‘Who is Jackie Crane.’

Baden-Clay: ‘She works for another genuine bequest operator on the Daylight Coast.’

Mr Fuller: ‘Had you had any contact earlier to the conference?’

Baden-Clay: ‘A assortment of contact … going to conferences.’

Mr Fuller: ‘Did you make an expectation?’

Baden-Clay: ‘Yes, we had talked about it.’

Mr Fuller: ‘You figured you would rest together?’

Baden-Clay: ‘Yes.’

Asked regardless of whether he was in a relationship with Ms McHugh at the time, he said, ‘I was having an undertaking with Toni, yes’.
Mr More full at that point put to Baden-Clay that his opportunity had been diminished after he admitted all to his spouse Allison.

‘After September 2011 you lost your freedom?’, Mr More full asked.

‘To a degree, yes,’ Baden-Clay said.

‘She … gets an application on her telephone which [allows] her to know wherever you are?’ ‘Yes,’ answered Baden-Clay.

Mr More full too inquired Baden-Clay why he didn’t concede to having an undertaking with Ms McHugh between December 2011 what’s more, April 2012.

‘At that point in time my essential concern was for Allison’s security what’s more, whereabouts’.

Asked why he had consequently called Ms McHugh to find out what she had told police about their affair, he added: ‘I told her to tell the truth. In my mind I did not accept we had a relationship. I needed to know what Toni’s position was.’
Earlier on Tuesday, Baden-Clay conceded he had ‘no enthusiastic attachment’ to Ms McHugh what’s more, was just utilizing her for sex.
After three days of addressing by his possess safeguard barrister, the blamed spouse executioner was cross-examined in the Brisbane Incomparable Court on Tuesday, at the point when he was tested about his a long time of tricking while hitched to Allison.

The court heard Baden-Clay reached Ms McHugh, who worked at his genuine bequest office, at Christmas 2011, three months after they broke up.
Asked why he got back in touch with her, he said he was concerned for her welfare.
Crown Prosecutor Todd More full inquired him: ‘You told everybody you were just in it for the sex?
Baden-Clay replied: ‘That’s correct.’

Mr Fuller: ‘And you had no enthusiastic attachment?’

Baden-Clay: ‘That’s correct.’

Baden-Clay too concurred that he didn’t mean it at the point when he told Ms McHugh that he cherished her.

‘So you were having sex with her for the purpose of the business? What’s in it for you?,’ Mr More full asked.’You couldn’t live without her could you?’

‘Yes, I could,’ Baden-Clay replied.

Baden-Clay, dressed in a dim suit, white shirt what’s more, yellow striped tie, talked of a call he gotten at at 17.01pm in which they talked about a Sydney work both Ms McHugh what’s more, Allison would be attending.

‘Toni called me,’ he said. ‘It was amid that discussion that I said to her that Allison would be going to the meeting that she was going to.

‘Toni was not satisfied about the reality Allison was going to be at the gathering the following day what’s more, I essentially didn’t say exceptionally much.
‘She at that point called me back communicating her displeasure. I had no genuine concern as far as Allison was concerned.’
The jury moreover heard how Baden-Clay, who denies murder, delighted in ‘stolen moments’ with Ms McHugh.

‘One event was after we had met at a espresso shop what’s more, at the point when we went back to the autos to leave,’ Baden-Clay said.

‘I sat in her auto what’s more, talked with her for a little bit longer and… It wasn’t sex in terms of intercourse.’
Mr More full said to Baden-Clay in the months driving up to Allison’s vanishing that he had been in regular, practically every day contact with Ms McHugh, sent her emails what’s more, recommended they would spend their future lives together.

Baden-Clay said, ‘She called me to let me know how her day had gone… I trusted she had found something she would enjoy.’

Mr Fuller: ‘But you thought you were not in a relationship with her?

‘No,’ Baden-Clay replied.

‘Who was more important, Mr Baden-Clay?’

‘Allison. Totally Allison,’ he said.
Cross-examination started late in the morning, at the point when Baden-Clay was inquired about his infidelities.
Earlier on Tuesday, Baden-Clay told his safeguard advodate MIchael Byrne QC about the three frantic telephone calls he made to his wife’s portable telephone in the hours after she went missing.
The blamed executioner rang Allison’s telephone at 6.32am, 6.38am what’s more, 6.45am on April 20, 2012 attempting to find out where she was.

The jury was appeared telephone records in the hours driving up to her disappearance.

Asked by Mr Byrne why he had called his spouse so early in the morning, he answered ‘to inquire where she was’.
He broke down in tears as he portrayed making the third call. ‘Still no reaction … I rang mum what’s more, dad’ he wept.

He was moreover inquired about three telephone calls redirected to his telephone from Ms McHugh on April 19, 2012, the night some time recently she disappeared.

Baden-Clay said in the second call Ms McHugh inquired him to tell Allison that she would be at the meeting – something he declined to do.

‘Toni was agitate about it. She didn’t need to see Allison what’s more, was communicating her dismay about it.

‘She inquired me to tell Allison. I never concurred what’s more, absolutely I never did. It was her doing the talking what’s more, me saying not much at all. I absolutely didn’t demonstrate I was going to tell Allison.’
The denounced executioner denies killing Allison what’s more, dumping her body in a stream close their Queensland home. The trial continues.

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