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The gay dads getting rich from rent-a-wombs: Pioneers who launched a surrogate service to ‘help’ desperate couples are flouting the law, says Britain’s top fertility expert

Britain’s first ‘gay fathers’, Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow are charming promoters of same-sex marriage, as well as of the frequently undercover universe of surrogacy that enabled them to end up guardians.

Since they started constructing their family – five kids by an arrangement of egg contributors and surrogate moms, with triplet girls arranged soon – they have turned into the business’ best known diplomats.

The men are honored with cash, looks and a cherishing relationship. They have utilized every one of the three to put themselves at the core of England’s national civil argument about the lawfulness and profound quality of this touchy subject, the gift of eggs and the leasing of a womb to make new life

Today, be that as it may, a covert Mail on Sunday examination uncovers alarming inquiries regarding the strategies and provisos misused by Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and his organization the English Surrogacy Center (BSC). We additionally highlight his oppressive disposition to a defenseless would-be mother and uncover an absence of thoroughness in his organization’s medicinal and lawful verifying of a potential surrogate.

Our stun prove has induced some industry specialists, strikingly Noble Warnock, engineer of England’s ripeness enactment, that the way BSC works is illicit and ought to be researched.

Her decision will be an overwhelming hit to every one of the couples, gay and straight, who, enlivened by the men’s prosperity, look to the BSC for the infant they so frantically need.

Business surrogacy is unlawful in this nation. A surrogate mother must be paid ‘sensible costs’ while anybody discovered benefitting from organizing surrogacy could confront three months in jail. This guarantees bearing a kid for someone else remains a charitable demonstration.

Be that as it may, England’s 30-year-old enactment remains as opposed to different parts of the world, outstandingly the US where the Drewitt-Barlows now live and where, regardless of its name, the BSC is headquartered. In America, surrogacy is enormous business, telling expenses of up to £150,000 per pregnancy and liberally benefitting industry fixers.

The BSC is causing concern on the grounds that even its essential charge is extortionate contrasted with that of UK-based surrogate offices, a significant number of which are deliberate associations. At around £8,000, it is roughly ten times the standard cost.

Acting like a barren couple, Mail on Sunday correspondents went by BSC’s UK workplaces on a boring Essex business stop, attempting to find what benefits the organization accommodates this phenomenal aggregate.

They met with the organization’s VP, Reece Statham, and inquired as to whether he could particularly coordinate them with a UK surrogate. He affirmed: ‘Yes, the greater part of our surrogacies now are done in the UK as opposed to the US.’

Afterward, he included: ‘We’re here through and through. From when you join the distance until the point when you get your UK parental request.’

He conceded the BSC utilized a “brazen” stratagem to publicize for surrogates in the UK notwithstanding this being unlawful, by calling it the English Surrogacy Center, despite the fact that it is a US organization. He told our journalists: ‘It’s very saucy since you can’t publicize in the UK for surrogates.

‘They’ve called the organization the English Surrogacy Focus of California since that is the place the organization is enlisted. It has on there: “We’re searching for surrogates” – in a little line – “in California.” So when a surrogate sorts in surrogacy we’re there!’

The BSC secures itself by saying: ‘On the off chance that you are seeing the substance of this site in a nation where… business surrogacy is unlawful then we encourage you to leave the site or at any rate know about the law.’

In any case, this obscuring of the lines between the benevolence of the UK and the corporate greed of the USA has maddened industry pioneers. Aristocrat Warnock revealed to The Mail on Sunday: ‘It appears to be really certain that they are infringing upon the law. I think their thought process is to get around the law and they ought to be researched by the experts on that premise alone.

‘I might want to know the points of interest of their monetary benefits and I think surely the Human Treatment and Embryology Expert ought to examine their exercises. This is a plain instance of misuse.’

Campaigner Sarah Norcross, an individual from Surrogacy UK’s working gathering for surrogacy law change, concurred: ‘If BSC are working in the UK it would bring up intense issues about whether they are acting inside the letter of the law.’

Kim Cotton, a spearheading surrogate mother and leader of the not-revenue driven English surrogacy organization Bunks, marked BSC’s charges “extortionate” and blamed the prominent couple for ‘misuse’.

Be that as it may, at that point the Drewitt-Barlows – both of whom are at present prohibited from being organization chiefs in the UK in the wake of infringing upon indebtedness laws – are no outsiders to either discussion or the law courts.

They impacted the world forever in 2000 when they turned into the primary same-sex guardians to have a youngster through surrogacy in England. Their evangelism for the procedure and evident joy at getting to be fathers made them pioneers inside the LGBT people group and furthermore for straight couples unfit to have kids normally.

They have earned features and magazine manages each new child and astonished nobody when they cleared out their home in Danbury, Essex, for a £2.1 million chateau in Princeton, New Jersey, with 15 sections of land of patio nurseries, swimming pool and drifting lake. Presently evaluated to be worth £38 million, a fortune based on therapeutic testing organizations, the couple shower their four children and one girl with presents – giving coordinating £110,000 Porsches to their most seasoned, twins Aspen and Saffron, on their sixteenth birthday celebration.

There have even been bits of gossip about a Staying aware of The Kardashians-style unscripted television appear, an arrangement which would be unharmed by their plans to have three more girls utilizing fetus sex determination, prohibited in England yet lawful in the US.

At the point when Barrie Drewitt-Barlow dropped out with a lady who’d swung to his organization in distress for a tyke, he reacted with a progression of open put-down on Twitter, including these, throwing slanders on her psychological wellness.

With Barrie’s high media profile and individual enthusiasm for surrogacy, it was not really astonishing when, in 2011, he established the BSC. Its writing claims it has two UK focuses and 15 full-time staff to control couples through their mind boggling decisions.

They can either gather a future father’s semen and offer it to a surrogate who inseminates herself. Or, then again they can swing to IVF, utilizing the father’s semen to treating an egg from the eventual mother, a giver, or the surrogate in a test tube. The subsequent fetus is then moved into a surrogate’s womb.

It’s the sort of significantly passionate process which requires highest quality level treatment for all, regardless of whether they are couples living through the misfortune of barrenness or ladies who might want to help them.

However The Mail on Sunday has been demonstrated messages and freely posted tweets from Barrie Drewitt-Barlow marking one customer an ‘unfit parent’ with ’emotional well-being issues’.

We have likewise observed proof that another lady was acknowledged on to BSC’s books as a potential surrogate without full therapeutic or lawful checks.

The principal case included a lady who had endured four unsuccessful labors and seven fizzled IVF endeavors amid 10 years in length journey to wind up noticeably a parent. Frantic to have youngsters, yet unfit to bear the cost of BSC’s expenses, Carole Davies – not her genuine name – consented to participate in the couple’s unscripted television arrangement, The Parent Creators, which disclosed on Sky in 2014, for a lessening in her bill.

On the principal day of taping, Barrie advised her on camera she had been rejected for being ‘excessively destitute’ by a surrogate with whom she had been coordinated. Distressed by this exceptionally open dismissal, the lodging chief from Cambridgeshire promptly cut ties with BSC and hauled out of the recording.

The BSC manager at that point propelled a progression of assaults. He tweeted: ‘Hold up till the scene with this unfit guardians [sic] that the BSC did not acknowledge show’s and incorporated her genuine name. When she tested him, he reacted with a progression of brutal Twitter slurs. ‘We couldn’t work with you since we have a stringent criteria that u did not fit! #welfareofthechild!’

He included: ‘There is a reason regardless you don’t have children, that you have been ripped off… ” At long last he advised her: ‘Ur not fit to parent, so I decline to help you. You have a genuine psychological well-being issue that necessities dealing with!’

Ms Davies said the assault incited her to consider suicide, uncovering: ‘I was so vexed I didn’t go out for a considerable length of time and mulled over closure it all.’

In an alternate yet similarly upsetting case an English based lady who enquired about turning into a surrogate with BSC asserted she was joined with no formal restorative or police checks. The MoS has seen an email from BSC, passing on the lady’s points of interest and photo to planned guardians in December 2013 preceding a therapeutic examination had been directed.

However the email expressed: ‘We have only one more check to make on her which is a home visit.’

Reviewing that visit, the lady said two youthful BSC workers led just a careless discussion with ‘no individual inquiries, no nothing. There were likewise no police checks.’

The lady would not have been paid to be a surrogate, just remunerated in accordance with UK law. BSC said she would have experienced restorative checks at a later point had a surrogacy been concurred – yet asserted she pulled out before at that point.

The two cases raise additionally questions about the validity of the organization which seems to have only two full-time and one low maintenance representative working out of its sole office in Essex, making it a significantly littler worry than promoted.

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow denies all assertions against BSC. He stated: ‘Surrogacy in the UK is totally unlicensed with a colossal blast in ladies with no experience going after helpless couples. BSC offers a sheltered other option to the two surrogates and expected guardians and has helped hundreds to make their family. All monies paid to the BSC

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