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The shocking moment a ‘drunk driver’ with slurred speech crashes into a pole with three CHILDREN in her car – before a bystander takes away her keys

An onlooker has caught the minute he went up against a lady after she smashed her auto while purportedly drink driving.

The man was on scene to record the consequence of the lady crushing her vehicle into a shaft on a side street of Queensland’s Gold Drift on Friday.

He asserted the occurrence happened while the lady had three youthful kids in the auto, Nine News revealed.

‘She has an infant and two youthful children inside and I requesting that her turned out,’ the man can be heard saying in the video he taped.

He can be found in the vision holding up an arrangement of auto keys which he says had a place with the lady in the wake of seizing them from her.

He likewise asserts that the lady driver was slurring her discourse as the folded wreck of her auto sat against the post.

Police are supposedly researching the occurrence and charges are yet to be laid, with the lady and youngsters taken to healing facility for treatment.

Isa Urosal

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