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Doctor is charged with MURDER for giving ‘horrendously excessive’ amount of painkillers to five patients who died in her care – and didn’t even need them – as it’s revealed she prescribed more than THREE MILLION doses in four years

An Oklahoma specialist has been accused of murder after five of her patients kicked the bucket from a ‘horrifyingly over the top sum’ of painkillers and different medications she had recommended them.

Dr Regan Nichols was accused of five tallies of second-degree kill on Friday in the passings of the patients she was tending to when she worked at the Daylight Medicinal center in Midwest City.

The osteopathic doctor is blamed for endorsing more than 1,800 opioid pills to the patients who passed on despite the fact that they didn’t require them. The patients were altogether given the solutions around the same time that they kicked the bucket.

She endorsed three of the five patients a deadly blend of painkillers, muscle relaxants and against uneasiness drugs, as per a plausible cause affidavit. All of the solutions were marked by Nichols.

The Oklahoma Restorative Analyst’s reports expressed every one of the five passings were the consequence of multi-sedate harmfulness.

The casualties kicked the bucket in the vicinity of 2010 and 2013, and they ran in age from 21 to 55.

A state examination likewise found that Nichols endorsed more than three million measurements of controlled perilous medications from 2010-2014.

‘The risks related with opioid drugs have been very much recorded and most specialists take after strict rules while recommending opioids to their patients,’ Oklahoma Lawyer General Mike Seeker said.

‘Nichols endorsed patients, who endowed their prosperity to her, a horrifyingly extreme measure of opioid solutions.

“Nichols” barefaced nonchalance for the lives of her patients is unconscionable.’

Nichols was stripped of her recommending specialist of controlled risky substances following a September 2015 hearing before the Oklahoma State Leading group of Osteopathic Inspectors.

She deliberately surrendered her certifications with the Medication Requirement Organization and Oklahoma Department of Opiates.

Nichols was set up for the Oklahoma Region Correctional facility on Friday evening on a $50,000 bond.

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