ISIS beheads terror chief who once guarded U.S. journalist James Foley’s prison after accusing him of spying for MI6

Aficionados from the Islamic State fear gathering have decapitated one of their claim commandants after denouncing him of being an MI6 agent, concurring to reports.
Abu Ubaida Almaghribi, head of IS security in Aleppo, northern Syria, was once in charge of a jail where American columnist James Foley what’s more, other Western prisoners were held.
But he has presently been executed after individual fanatics denounced him of passing on data about IS exercises to the UK.
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Abu Ubaida is accepted to be a Dutch national of Moroccan descent, despite the fact that his genuine personality is not known. IS asserted he was executed a day after video film of Mr Foley’s decapitating risen on YouTube.
A previous IS detainee last year told Belgian state prosecutors that Abu Ubaida was in charge of security at the point when he what’s more, Mr Foley were held there last year.
Last night the Remote Office declined to remark on the claims, coursed by Moroccan what’s more, Jordanian news agencies.
A security source said: ‘In the past, other fanatic gatherings what’s more, states have made claims of spying as a avocation for executing one of their own.’ He included that the IS message may have been passed on to the nearby media by a third party.
A report by Moroccan news outlet Alyoum24 said: ‘Ubaida Almaghribi, who is initially from Morocco, what’s more, served as the head of insight administrations of the ISIS association in Aleppo, Syria, was decapitated after being charged of announcing data on the activities, movements, what’s more, plans of ISIS to the UK.’
Morocco World News stated: ‘ISIS activists allegedly guillotined a gathering of noticeable pioneers counting Abu Ubaida Almaghribi, since of questions with respect to their fidelity what’s more, work for remote entities.’
Mike Doran, a Center East master at the Washington-based Brookings Institution, said the asserted execution was a sign of ‘nervousness’ inside IS’s higher ranks.
Belgian jihadi Jejoen Bontinck, from Antwerp, returned home last year what’s more, is caught on to have given Western knowledge agencies, counting MI6, fundamental data about the gathering that was holding Mr Foley what’s more, other detainees in Aleppo.
He said Abu Ubaida was a Dutch jihadi who was head of security at the prison.
The 19-year-old said he what’s more, Mr Foley were held for at minimum three weeks by a gathering of Belgian jihadis called Shariah4Belgium, who blamed him of being a double crosser since he needed to go home. Yet at the point when the dread gathering pulled out of Aleppo last year, the detainees were taken to the IS fortress of Raqqa. It is thought that it was at that point that Bontinck either gotten away or, then again was freed.
According to Bontinck, the so-called ‘Beatles’, who are purportedly capable for Mr Foley’s murder, were not part of the gathering that held them in Aleppo. They were to begin with recognized after the exchange to Raqqa.
Western security agencies, counting MI6, have been working hard to get knowledge on IS yet the speed of the group’s progress over Syria what’s more, Iraq has cleared out them flat-footed.
More than 500 English jihadis have joined the positions of IS what’s more, other radical gatherings in Syria what’s more, Iraq, be that as it may about half have returned home, advertising profitable openings to pick up intelligence.
Philip Balboni, the boss official of GlobalPost, the American news site for which Mr Foley worked, has affirmed Bontinck was held with the journalist.
He told NBC News: ‘A youthful Belgian who had voyage to battle in Syria become friends with Foley and, once that jihadist went back to Belgium, advertised magnificent data on generally where Jim was held what’s more, by whom. It was the to begin with time we knew that Jim was alive.’

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