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Try these on for size! Fed-up husband surprises his shoe-obsessed wife with GIANT 500 high heels ‘to shut her up’ (but they’re still cheaper than a pair of Christian Louboutin’s)

A spouse tired of his better half’s fixation on shoes astonished her by introducing two goliath ruby shoes in their front garden.

Scrap dealer Andy Walker, 50, requested the 14ft tall Wizard of Oz-style shoes because of spouse Julie’s ‘silly fixation’ with footwear.

He stated: ‘She is continually requesting this combine and that match and I just idea this may quiets her down.

‘We have a chuckle with each other and I just idea how interesting it would be.

‘In the same way as other others she has this ludicrous fixation on shoes. I just got a telephone cancel her yelling ‘What are these in my garden?’

‘I just disclosed to her they weren’t mine they were Dorothy’s.’

The enormous heels now sit gladly in his front yard and have earned dazed looks from neighbors and passers-by.

Mr Walker purchased the shoes for £500 from an organization which offers old props.

The models were initially made for an advancement in elegant store Harrods.

He stated: ‘After they’d been set down we had a few people strolling by simply looking and taking photographs, which isn’t extremely astounding.

‘My better half goes, “What are they halting outside for?” And I disclose to her the 14ft sets of shoes you have out there clearly.’

‘It’s not something you’ll see each day in a tranquil neighborhood.’

Following the response to the dark decorations, Mr Walker is intending to add more unordinary articles to his garden in Latchingdon, Essex.

He has an enthusiasm for current craftsmanship and said it could resemble ‘his own particular Banksy extend’.

Mr Walker included: ‘This is something that simply occurred suddenly and I didn’t generally anticipate it, however now that it’s developed a touch of notoriety I may convey it on and acquire diverse things to show each couple of months, contingent upon what I can discover.’

He says the vast majority have responded decidedly in the town and adore it.

The few who have groaned at all he says he expects to disregard – as he needs to keep himself as well as other people snickering.

Mr Walker stated: ‘In the event that it makes somebody giggle, why not do it? In the event that you can’t accomplish something to put a grin all over you should surrender.’

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