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Council boss ‘repeatedly pressed his groin against women’s shoulders as they travellled on busy commuter trains’

A senior board official more than once squeezed his crotch against ladies’ shoulders on occupied passenger prepares, a court heard yesterday.

Gary Davies, 54, was gotten by covert police sent to research claims he was remaining in prepare passageways and rubbing himself against ladies who were situated.

The test was activated after a young lady took a photograph of him and gave it to police, guaranteeing he had more than once struck her more than six months.

At the point when addressed by analysts, Davies guaranteed he had an awful back which constrained him to incline toward the passageway seats where his asserted casualties were situated, and that any contact was coincidental.

He precludes five numbers from claiming rape. Davies was head of administrations for early intercession at Bristol City Board, which saw him work with agitated families, and driven to the city on the 7.24am prepare from Taunton.

His initially affirmed casualty, a 30-year-old who can’t be named for legitimate reasons, asserted the strikes were completed between December 2015 and May 2016. Regular clothes police watched Davies inclining his groin against two other ladies’ shoulders as they sat in walkway seats, Bristol Crown Court listened. He was spotted squeezing against one lady who gave him a ‘misrepresented look’, provoking an expression of remorse, the court listened.

He at that point professedly moved to another path situate where he inclined toward another lady, who acknowledged he was squeezing against her in a way that made her awkward.

Prosecutor Anna Midgley stated: ‘Mr Davies increased sexual satisfaction by squeezing himself up against ladies while going on a passenger prepare.

‘It was contact which made them awkward.’

She included: ‘A lady detailed an episode to police. She clarified there was a male who frequently took the prepare, and delivered a photograph she had gone up against that day. The main episode was in December 2015 … what’s more, she reviewed she was sitting at the front of a carriage in a seat by the window when this male had got on at Taunton and sat beside her.

‘She recalled his hand was on his legs yet moved crosswise over and touched her thighs. There was no obvious purpose behind him to do as such separated from sexual delight. The second occurrence was the following day when a similar male got on at Taunton.

‘This time she was sitting in the path situate when he came and remained beside her, with his crotch against her shoulder.’

Giving proof yesterday, the lady included: ‘I accepted what he was doing was truly unnoticeable and was deliberate.’

Protection lawyer Brian Altman reminded the complainant she didn’t challenge the man who struck her, including: ‘You could have let him know “get off me you debase”.’

He said his customer was not the man who touched her improperly. The trial proceeds.

Isa Urosal

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