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Observation video uncovers frightening minute endeavored attacker gets a 21-year-old lady in New York

A manhunt has been propelled for an endeavored attacker after the man was gotten on camera snatching a lady in Queens.
New York police say a 21-year-old lady was attempting to enter her loft in no time some time recently 4am on Friday at the point when she was drawn closer by an unidentified individual.
A video appears the man persuasively snatching the casualty by her arms what’s more, pulling her toward him.
She overseen to break free of his grasp what’s more, run away.
The culprit has been depicted as bald, about 150 pounds what’s more, 5’7″ inches tall.
He was last seen dressed in a dark short-sleeved shirt, white under-shirt, white pants what’s more, dark shoes.
Police have asked anybody with data to call Wrongdoing Plugs at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

Isa Urosal

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