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‘Get the f*** out!’ ‘Drunk’ old Florida woman goes on insane rant against Latino man and his girlfriend because she didn’t want them fishing in her area

A couple out for a lovely day’s angling in Florida reeled in something they most likely wish they hadn’t when they were addressed by a “plastered” lady who impacted them with bigot comments.

Alexander Diaz, who is Latino, recorded the lady racially mishandling him and his better half for two minutes in a stunning tirade.

As the lady went on her verbal frenzy, Diaz – who is bilingual – unobtrusively trolled her by talking just in Spanish, while recording the whole trade on his telephone.

Look down for video

The video begins with the lady revealing to Diaz’s better half to surrender her address, saying ‘In the event that you don’t live here you should’t be angling here.’

However, as she tails them down the road she raises her dialect, saying ‘Get the f**k out! Do you realize what that implies?’

Diaz at that point converses with his camera in Spanish, to which the lady reacts ‘You communicate in English you idiotic – you dumb f**king Cuban.’

She at that point goes up against the sweetheart irately, saying ‘Take a gander at you giggling, you idiotic f**king prostitute. What are you, dark or white?’

‘What does it make a difference?’ the sweetheart snickers.

‘It f**king matters,’ she answers.

‘Cubans are only bits of s**t to Americans,’ the lady includes, before she turns around and gets straight up in Diaz’s face, letting him know ‘Leave.’

‘Gracious my god!’ he shouts. ‘The liquor on this current b***h’s breath!’

Diaz transferred the video to YouTube on Saturday, with the remark: ‘Never ever did I as an immaculate 100% American would be dealt with like this, equitable to think what individuals go through regular cuz of there shading or dialect.


It’s not clear precisely where in Miami the video was shot.

Isa Urosal

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