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Talk about buzzkill! Huge swarm of bees forces baseball players to hit the deck during invasion at spring training game

A colossal swarm of honey bees constrained baseball players to hit the deck after they attacked the pitch amid a spring preparing amusement.

In the odd scenes at Peoria, Arizona on Thursday, players from both the Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres went level on the earth as honey bees raged the infield.

The honey bee attack occurred amid the ninth inning of Colorado’s 10-5 prevail upon San Diego.

Look down for video

Film of the difficulty indicates Padres pitcher Trey Wingenter venturing off the hill when the swarm hit.

He wavered for a minute prior to the 6-foot-7 right-hander dropped to his knee. Rockies hitter Daniel Castro immediately stuck to this same pattern.

Seconds after the fact, Wingenter, Castro, plate umpire Alex Tosi and every other person in the infield could be seen dropping level on their stomachs.

The communicate grabbed somebody shouting, ‘Honey bees! Honey bees!’

The players remained down for around 10 seconds to keep away from the swarm, and fans gave them a cheer when they at last held up.

‘I witnessed something here as every one of the players got on the ground,’ Padres chief Bud Dark said.

‘It was reminiscent of Petco Stop a couple of years back when a beekeeper needed to descend from the left-field corner. That was around a 20-30 minute deferral.’

Swarms of honey bees are famous in Arizona right now of year.

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