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Middle-school teacher accused of making black students pretend to pick cotton as slaves while tapping white kids to play-act slaveholder ‘noblemen’

A center school history lesson about the Louisiana Buy turned out badly when an educator advised the dark understudies to play slaves for the day, as indicated by the mother of a dark understudy in the class.

Tamika Derozen, whose child goes to Shelburne Center School in Staunton, Virgina, says a 6th grade educator called the greater part of the dark understudies to the front of the classroom one day a week ago.

The female educator at that point professedly advised the dark children to play slaves for a production, putting on a show to pick cotton and burrow for coal.

A few understudies cannot, however Derozen’s child dreaded getting in a bad position and partook, she told WHSV.

At that point the educator requested that white understudies play slaveholder aristocrats, Derozen guaranteed.

‘Is there any valid reason why she wouldn’t of requested volunteers, or why might she not have incorporated any understudy of any race to simply go up before the class and play imagine?’ Derozen pondered.

Derozen said she reached the school’s important, who apologized, clarifying that the play was expected to highlight slave uprisings.

The educator being referred to, who has not been freely recognized and whose race is misty, made her own particular statement of regret on Monday, as per Derozen.

Understudies entered the classroom to discover the slave-period film epic “Roots” playing on a projector, the mother said.

Would it have seemed well and good to have thrown white performing artists in “Roots,” the instructor professedly inquired.

‘She went ahead to state, “precisely my point. For those of you that I annoyed, I apologize. Be that as it may, I need you to comprehend my explanation behind ringing you as African-Americans is on account of you better fit the part as a slave,”‘ said Derozen.

On Tuesday, Staunton School Director Linda G. Reviea issued an announcement saying the school board is exploring the cases.

‘In the event that such conduct happened, it is horribly improper,’ Reviea composed.

‘I need to stress that not the slightest bit does Staunton City Schools approve or energize direction that purposely singles out a man or gathering as a result of race and subjects them to derision or embarrassment.’

Shelburne Center School’s understudy body is around 65 percent white and 20 percent dark, as indicated by open information.

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