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‘I could be dead’: Man claims he was left paralysed after contracting a rare infection from cleaning up bird droppings at a plumbing store

A Queensland man claims he was left incapacitated in the wake of contracting meningitis from frequently cleaning flying creature droppings at a pipes supplies store.

Milton Silcock, 56, cleaned droppings left by swallows over the entryway of a pipes showroom where he worked in 2015.

He said he began experiencing headache migraines before in the long run being analyzed with cryptococcal meningitis – a fatal contagious disease that covers the mind and spinal rope.

Mr Silcock revealed to the Brisbane Times he now had portability issues getting up and dreaded he was losing his visual perception.

‘The majority of my vitality has quite recently gone and my quality as well,’ Mr Silcock said.

In September 2015, Mr Silcock begun to endure headache migraines at the highest point of his spinal line.

‘It resembled somebody was punching me in the back of the head,’ he said.

‘It was throbbing directly through my head.’

As the headaches proceeded with, Mr Silcock went to see a specialist who determined him to have squeezed nerves and sent him to get physiotherapy, he said.

Spouse Susan said she saw strange emotional episodes in mid 2016 and sent Mr Silcock yet again to a specialist.

‘[He] had a tendency to be a tad bit forceful and talked about companions at work which wasn’t in Milton’s inclination,’ Susan disclosed to Today This evening.

Sweeps uncovered seven injuries developing on Mr Silcock’s mind and lung – which were causing the headaches and emotional episodes.

‘That was extremely startling. One of the injuries was really pushing with respect to cerebrum where the demeanor is,’ he said.

Mr Silcock was sent to Princess Alexandra Healing facility where he spent a month getting capable intravenous medicine for cryptococcal meningitis, which he said was contracted from scouring and scratching endlessly fowl droppings.

‘[I would] get in there with a half-brush and clean it, separate it at that point get down to what was on the ground and breadth it away.’

Cryptococcal meningitis causes 600,000 passings worldwide a year, College of Adelaide Relate Educator David Ellis revealed to Today This evening.

There are 30 instances of the infection in Australia every year, with up to 20 for each penny being lethal.

Mr Silcock keeps on taking pharmaceutical for the infection which is usually found in feathered creature dung.

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