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‘Too close to home’: Hero firefighter who was among the first to respond to Bourke Street car rampage recalls horror as he ran to treat injured in Barcelona terror attack

A Melbourne firefighter has said the savagery that unfurled in Barcelona helped him to remember the Bourke Road frenzy, in which he was a specialist on call.

MFB Officer Graeme O’Sullivan saw the assault from the housetop of the Barcelona lodging where he and his better half are remaining.

No less than 13 individuals were slaughtered and a further 100 injured in the Spanish city when a van furrowed into swarms in the bustling Las Ramblas area.

An Australian lady is in clinic, in a genuine yet stable condition, Outside Pastor Julie Minister uncovered on Friday.

Two Victorian men have additionally been “influenced” by the assault, which has been asserted by ISIS.

‘I heard a substantial thundering sound in the first place, a shot.. what’s more, some time after that shouts and the terrible scene down there,’ he told 3AW.

‘We were up on the 6th floor rooftop patio, simply the pool range, getting a charge out of a couple of beverages,’ he told Nine.

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‘We could unmistakably hear crashes as the vehicle was running into individuals, and afterward a brief timeframe from that point onward, clearly, a few noisy sickening shouts from the general population required down at road level.’

Mr O’Sullivan said the likeness to the Bourke Road Shopping center rampage was chilling.

A man in an auto cut down people on foot, executing six, in Melbourne’s Bourke Road Shopping center on January 20.

‘It was clear to us at an opportune time that it was another of these episodes, a consider demonstration’ he included.

‘A brief span from that point forward, we heard a few discharges.

‘What we’ve discovered since is that the two guilty parties that were driving the van, once that had ground to a halt, they hopped out of the vehicle and began to discharge shots from handguns into the swarm and furthermore into an eatery close-by.’

‘We couldn’t trust it at first, there was simply, I figure, a tiny bit excessively near and dear

‘It’s fundamentally the same as from numerous points of view to the Bourke Road episode back in January.

‘This time, there’s obviously connects to fear mongering and Bourke Road wasn’t that, yet the outcome is as yet the same. It’s a loathsome scene here.’

Australian digital security master Susan McLean was around 100m away as the van crisscrossed down the bustling road, cutting down walkers and leaving bodies strewn over the ground.

‘Unexpectedly there was this tsunami of individuals running from both Placa de Catalunya and Las Ramblas towards us shouting, crying and with supreme dread scratched on their confronts,’ she disclosed to Nine System on Friday.

‘A few of them were calling ‘weapon, firearm’, so as a matter of first importance we thought somebody had been shot.

‘At that point they simply kept kind of – it was all in Spanish, it was exceptionally hard to comprehend – however they were kind of pushing us into shops.’

Ms McLean, who was isolated from her significant other in the frenzy, additionally said the scene helped her to remember the Bourke Road Shopping center frenzy.

‘My first response was the Bourke Road slaughter, since that is the thing that it helped me to remember – the vision of individuals escaping in simply such dread,’ she said.

Another Australian Gil Van Der Venne additionally saw the assault unfurl from his lodging gallery.

‘You hear this shouting, the anarchy,’ he told 3AW.

‘There was no less than five bodies that I saw. The van, I accept, had likely gone around seventy five percent down Las Ramblas.’

Julia Monaco, from Melbourne, said nearby police requested her and her companions inside a shop as the assault happened.

‘In a brief instant it all sort of changed and everybody just began running and terrifying and running for their lives and crying and shouting and we were constrained once more into the store, advised to make tracks in an opposite direction from the windows and to get low on the ground,’ she told Nine.

‘We were crouched at the precise back of the store, lying level on the floor, and were in that position for around 20 minutes.’

Michael Christou, who is likewise from Melbourne, was with companions around 300m away.

‘We chose to leave. Everybody began to close the entryway shops so we just kept running inside the shop and they shut the entryway.’

Chillingly, it’s not Mr Christou’s first involvement of fear mongering.

He was likewise adjacent when the London Scaffold van assault occurred on June 3, executing eight individuals, including two Australian ladies, and harming 48.

‘I believe it’s tailing me however you sort of come here (to Europe) and you anticipate that it will happen yet you don’t give it a chance to prevent you from doing what you need to do.’

PM Malcolm Turnbull said the affection and supplications of Australians are with the casualties and their families.

‘Steadfast with Spain in the battle to crush fear mongering we censure the psychological oppressor assault in Barcelona,’ he tweeted.

Thursday’s slaughter was the nation’s deadliest assault since 2004, when al-Qaeda-roused aircraft killed 192 individuals in facilitated strikes on Madrid’s passenger trains.

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