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Man who claimed his wife was murdered by an intruder pleads not guilty to murder after cops find information on her Fitbit that contradicted his story

A Connecticut man who police say gave a record of his significant other’s demise that contrasted from data on her Fitbit has argued not liable to kill and different charges.

Richard Dabate, 40, showed up Friday at a hearing in Rockville Predominant Court, where his legal counselor entered the not blameworthy requests for his sake. Free on $1 million safeguard, he didn’t remark a short time later.

Connecticut State Police claim Richard killed 39-year-old Connie Dabate at their Ellington home two days before Christmas in 2015, while their two youthful children were in school.

Richard guaranteed a man who seemed like Vin Diesel had broke into his home, tied him up and shot dead his better half Connie, before he consumed the interloper with a light.

Specialists reacted to a thievery alert at the home and discovered Richard with shallow blade wounds, with one arm and one leg zip-attached to a collapsing seat.

Connie was discovered dead at their home in Connecticut by police.

In any case, police said prove negated Richard’s story and course of events of occasions, including data from Connie’s Fitbit that indicated she was all the while moving around the house a hour after Richard said she was shot.

As police researched the case, they found that Richard had been having an illicit relationship with a lady he knew since adolescence who wound up noticeably pregnant and needed him to leave his better half.

In instant messages, he told his darling that he and his significant other were ‘in agreement’ for a separation.

Be that as it may, weeks before the murder, the Hartford Courant found messages amongst Richard and his significant other. One in November 2015 – a month prior to the murder – read: ‘I’m prepared for u huge kid.’

An electronic trawl through the couple’s lives discovered a document on his significant other’s telephone dated December 2014, ‘Why I need a separation.’

Police records demonstrate Richard had acquired a mystery card from which he burned through $1,200 at a strip club and remains at a nearby inn. He likewise utilized the charge card to pay for blossoms for his better half.

The records on Connie’s FitBit indicated she had been moving over a hour after Richard guaranteed she had been killed by a gatecrasher.

As indicated by head prosecutor Craig Stedman: ‘To state it is uncommon to utilize FitBit records would be sheltered. It is an electronic impression that tracks your developments. It is an awesome instrument for examiners to utilize. We can likewise get the data considerably quicker than some different sorts of confirmation, for example, DNA tests.’

Police contemplated CCTV film from the exercise center and saw Connie leaving at 9.18am. Her FitBit was sit out of gear for nine minutes as she drove home.

She at that point presented two recordings on Facebook utilizing her cellphone.

At 10.05am, her FitBit quit moving after she voyaged 1,217 feet inside her home.

At 10.11am the alert went off at their home and at 10.16am the caution organization rang the state police.

At 10.20am, Richard called 911 to report the murder. He told police his better half had been killed a hour before, however criminologists trust the CCTV film from the rec center, information on Connie’s FitBit and her Facebook posts demonstrate something else.

He was found by police attached to a seat on the kitchen floor, and said the veiled home intruder had shot his significant other dead in the carport amid a pursuit through their home.

Richard asserted he was fixing to the seat after the man had killed his significant other, however he frightened the interloper away by kicking a blowtorch at his head.

State police said the firearm used to shoot Connie was purchased by her better half two months before the killing, and police seek canines just grabbed Richard’s fragrance at the scene. There additionally were no indications of a battle in the house, troopers said.

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