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Police shoot 23-year-old man dead after he ‘ran over a female officer TWICE during a traffic stop’

A 23-year-old man was shot dead by police after he supposedly kept running over a female officer twice amid an activity stop.

The cop, who has not been named, pulled over Tavis Crane in no time before midnight on Wednesday in the 1700 square of Spring Lake Drive in Arlington, Texas.

Crane had a few warrants out for his arrest for crime sidestepping capture and a probation infringement.

She got for reinforcement and got out to make a capture when Crane put his foot on the gas and drove at her.

He struck the veteran officer, hammering into her own particular watch vehicle, before running over her again as he endeavored to escape.

The cop was pulled to wellbeing by her associates and hurried to healing center in a genuine condition.

As Crane attempted to get away, different officers terminated hitting and executing Crane. Two grown-ups and a baby, who were additionally in the auto, were not harmed.

‘The driver settled on a choice and turned around and struck an officer, really kept running more than one of our officers and struck that officer’s watch vehicle.

‘While this is going on, another officer is having a battle attempting to get the driver to stop,’ said Lt. Chris Cook with the Arlington Police Office.

The officer who shot the suspect has been set on routine managerial leave, police said.

Crane has been captured on various events since 2011 from drugs offenses to disturbed strike.

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