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Two boys, 16, ‘raped a drunk girl, 14, during a house party and posted pictures of her, “naked and bloody,” on SNAPCHAT’

A 14-year-old young lady was pack assaulted at a local gathering in Washington by two 16-year-old young men who at that point shared photos of the ambush on Snapchat, police said.

The young lady told police that her last recollections were of drinking at a local gathering in Yarrow Point, moving and nodding off in a room.

In any case, the next day the young who composed the gathering called her to reveal to her that she had been assaulted – and that photographs of the assault were coursing on the web, Q13 Fox  detailed.

The young lady, who is not being named, had learned through the span of the night that she was the main eighth grader in participation – a reality that earned her the epithet ‘The Legend’ from different revelers.

There were upwards of 200 adolescents in the gathering, as indicated by cops.

She had tipsy a lot of bourbon and vodka before losing awareness, she told police.

When she woke up she discovered her stomach throbbing and blood on her shoes. A companion said she had been found in the carport.

Yet, it wasn’t until the following day that she took in the appalling truth.

The kid who composed the gathering additionally reached the casualty’s dad and said that he’d discovered blood on his lavatory floor.

He additionally told the man that photographs of the young lady, ‘exposed and ridiculous’, were being coursed via web-based networking media.

Police executed a court order and took photographs from one kid’s telephone; both of the 16-year-old young men go to Bellevue Secondary School.

They are additionally not being recognized by police.

Yarrow Point was the second-wealthiest neighborhood in Washington state in 2011, as per the Puget Sound Business Diary.

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